This refers to a standardised CV format for use in the European Union. Its primary aim is to make it easier for skilled workers to market themselves to recruiters in different member states of the EU.

Europass was established and launched in December 2004 by the European Parliament and the Council.

The Europass curriculum vitae layout is intended to make it easier for candidates to show their skills and qualifications. Employers should be able to quickly see a jobseekers skill sets, academic qualifications and work experience.

The Europass CV helped to standardise the job application process through out the EU by having a simple standard logical CV format that was recognized by employers.

The Europass curriculum vitae helps people to find work when moving around the European Union.

The template is available in over 24 different European languages, it even has a layout that can be used for international classification levels. It can be filled in on a computer and sent as a application online or it can be printed on paper and filled in that way.

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