A good covering letter is vital to helping you get a interview. If it is well written it should point out to prospective employers key information in your CV that shows you are a suitable candidate for the vacancy being advertised. It should be no longer than one page, short, concise, to the point and interesting to read.

Consider a cover letter a personal touch to your job application, in it you can speak and communicate directly to the recruiter.

Use the samples below on this page to save time, effort and to make it easier for you to write your own eye catching covering letter. Each template has its own style and the spelling and grammar are to the highest standards.

Every example of a cover letter on this page has its own structure and has been written for a specific industry sector or job profile. They are excellent examples of how to relate skills to the job you are applying for.


Examples of covering letters:

Teacher cover letter

Cover letter template

Job acceptance letter

Job application cover letter

Letter of Inquiry

Thank you letter