You are going to be asked a few questions on your final day at work.

This is because one way for a company to get honest feedback about their workplace operations is to ask leaving employees. They have nothing to gain or lose and are more likely to be sincere in their answers.

These probing queries require more a yes or no answer and are designed to give senior managers a real insight into their company’s morale, management, and culture.

Here is a list of common exit interview questions;


1. Did you feel properly supported by your manager?

2. Do you feel you received enough training at our company?

3. How was your relationship with your immediate manager?

4. How would you describe the culture in our company?

5. If you could change anything about your job or the company, what would you change?

6. Is there anything specific that your new role offers that our job didn’t?

7. Is there anything that we can offer that would make you change your mind about leaving?

8. What main factor made you accept your new job?

9. What do we need to improve as a company?

10. What made you start looking for a new job?

11. What did you like most about working for us?

12. What did you like least about working for us?

13. What could have been done for you to remain employed here?

14. What qualities should we look for in your replacement?

15. Why are you leaving your current job?

16. Would you consider coming back to work here in the future?


Exit interview questions are a standard step in the modern offboarding process.

If asked properly they can tease information out of resigning staff which can not only highlight potential weaknesses in an organisations processes but also show a company that wants to be successful ways it can improve employee retention.