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Fine Art personal statement example 1

“It was at college that I first became interested in fine art as a form of expression. We were only a small group of students, so lectures and tutorial were always on a more personal basis. There were many opportunities to discuss, create and exhibit paintings, sculptures, photography and conceptual art. This experience along with the dedication of my tutors, who provided me with constant support and inspiration was very influential on me, both in terms of my work, how I perceived art and my future career ambitions.

On a more practical level over the last two years I have had the opportunity to volunteer at numerous local galleries. This experience has provided me with a comprehensive introduction to the realities of exhibitions and the art world. I am member of two art societies which has been a great way of meeting people who have similar interests and also keeping track of what’s going on in the arts industry.

I am now keen to continue my studies at degree level and am looking for a academic institution that will help me to open up my mind, express my own ideas and explore my own inner artist. I want to push my own artistic and academic abilities to the limit and create a portfolio of work that will provide me with a foundation to progress in any future practice and career.

Walking around your campus on an open day I found it to be a very friendly sociable place with a lot of cool artistic people to meet. You university contains purpose built facilities and galleries for its own Fine Arts Department, unlike other universities where space and buildings have been adapted. It contains really nice studio room that gives people plenty of room to work in and host their own shows. I was particularly impressed by its world class resource centre and library that is ideal for looking up anything to do with fine art. In my opinion your institution ticks all of the boxes that a person requires for studying fine art. In conclusion I am very happy to be applying for a place with your university because I known that it contains everything that I could possibly need to fulfil and exceed my potential.”

Fine Art personal statement example 2

“An artist cannot fail, it is a success to simply be one. This single sentence sums up for me what it is to be an artist, a individual who can immerse themselves in a occupation that they love doing. Although people can aspire to become artists for various reasons, they may want to change the world, become commercially successful or make political statements, for me it’s a lot simpler, I simply enjoy creating art.

From an early age I have always had an inclination to paint, draw and sculpture. As a teenager I found that through my art I could communicate and form relationships with people who viewed and looked at my work. I would be asked questions about what I had created and this would give me an opportunity to introduce them to the world of artistic expression and explain my views.

Anyone can call themselves an artist, but not many people can produce real art that can translate their ideas and feelings into art form. I feel the trick is to be able to manage your own projects to reflect your artistic expression and individual philosophy.

To me being a artist is a lifestyle as well as a profession, this suits me fine as my ambition is to become a professional artist and to make a reasonable living from it. A formal academic qualification will provide me with a springboard into the world of contemporary practice. I know that any skills I acquire on a degree course will be truly transferable and will make me eminently employable in a number of fields.

At college classes were a broad range of learning experiences that helped to stimulate the development of my technical, creative and analytical abilities. Through sheer hard work and excellent tutoring I learnt to develop my own personal style. During one to one tutorials with my teachers I had many opportunities to question and interpret the meanings of things I didn’t understand. The course was structured around tutorials, group critiques, seminars and open-studio sessions where we were encouraged to negotiate our own particular approach to fine art through three areas of practice: painting, sculpture and print/new media.

Away from college I took a weekend job as a volunteer at a local Arts Centre which regularly hosted a myriad of exciting events, shows and activities. There I had an opportunity to meet and talk to many professional artists and learned visitors who introduced me in many new areas including the cutting edge of contemporary art practice. I walked away from this position having learnt that it is the personal touch that differentiates in paintings, drawings, installation, and digital fine.

So why do I feel that I am suitable for your course. Well I feel confident that my attitude, enthusiasm, qualifications and experience (all underpinned by the appropriate technical skills) will make me an ideal student at your university. Without wanting to sound big headed I would also go as far as to say that I may even be a asset to your university due to my willingness to volunteer to organise art exhibitions and my experience of putting together student art shows. I would also like to mention that I have regular email contact and online discussions with major contemporary artists, critics and theorists. All of them advise me to create art with an open mind, be willing to experiment and focus on engaging with my audience through selective use of symbolism. Hence my approach is distinctive in that it integrates studio practice, with thinking and writing about art.

I want to study Fine Art at degree level in a stimulating and nurturing environment where I will be encouraged to think openly and have confidence in opinions. Since most questions regarding a piece of art do not have a specific answer, I would like to be able to come up with my own solutions to questions. Whilst searching for such a academic institution I visited your university, where after  walking around the campus and talking to the tutors I came away with a very positive impression. I found your Arts Department fostered a supportive, creative studio environment that had a different approach to every student. All of these factors combined appeal to me greatly and hence I would be grateful if you would consider my application to your university.”


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