Doing everything possible to prevent a fire from breaking out In your home or business by taking preventative measures is advice you would get from any fire safety consultants.

There are a number of fire prevention measures that you could take to ensure maximum protection for you and your work colleagues. All of these protection techniques will help improve fire safety in your workplace and also increase the chances of you not getting injured and surviving any blaze or outbreak.

On this specific page you will get information and advice on fire protection and suppression products like dry risers, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, alarms and blankets etc. You should always base your fire prevention safety requirements on the size of your building as well as the number of occupants in it.

The first safety measure to have is to always have a certain rules and procedures in place regarding the use of electrical equipment and also hazardous chemicals. By doing this you immediately reduce the chances of anything nasty starting accidentally or through carelessness.

Here are some fire prevention guidance notes and tips:-

Electrical sockets
In an office or home environment never overload electrical sockets with adapters etc.

Do not leave underage children or toddlers unattended in kitchens or anywhere where there are cookers. The aimis to keep them away from sources of ignition as well as a naked flame.

Ensure that no smoking takes place indoors, especially near carpets or flammable solvents like fuel or when sitting on armchairs etc. In a home environment provide plenty of ashtrays for smokers to stub out cigarettes.

When in a kitchen take extra care when trying or heating food especially with cookers or other gas burning equipment. Always have fire extinguishers in the kitchen as well as other items like fire blankets.

Evacuation plan
Have a escape route planned beforehand in case of a emergency, make sure all your colleagues are aware of it as well.

Whenever you leave your office or workplace do a final check, make sure that all electrical items have been switched off.

Smoke detector
Have fire alarms fitted in all rooms and offices apart from the kitchen area, ensure that they are tested regularly.

Faulty equipment
Ensure that any electrical equipment is regularly checked by a qualified electrician to ensure it is working properly and that they do not overheat. As sometimes a spark from a electrical wire that is not connected properly can ignite flammable material. A example of this is to not place say portable electrical heaters under a curtain, or newspapers.

Combustible materials
Plan the layout of your office well by keeping combustible materials aware from equipment that may give off electrostatic discharges or frictional heat. Now this sounds like common sense but it is a common cause of fires.