Any workplace fire safety inspection that is carried out should be done by a qualified inspector. This task is typically carried out by a fire safety inspector, who is also sometimes called an Enforcement Officer. Their job it is to make sure that high fire standards in your work place are being adhered to. If they ever do attend your premises they will have their own identification on them and also a written warrant with them to prove who they are.

The inspector will carry out a building inspection and also examine your organisations workplace safety by checking and having an audit of your fire prevention measures. They may even want to talk to some of your employees, especially to any designated ‘responsible person’. They will want to view certain documents like your Fire Safety Policy and also ask you in detail about what fire safety precautions you have taken.

Typically they will walk around your work environment making notes and taking photographs, looking for possible fire hazards. They may also want to view and check your procedures for the following points:-

  • Your records regarding the fire training of your staff in the use of fire fighting equipment.
  • Locations of your emergency lighting, and fire extinguishers etc.
  • Your full fire risk assessment report, its recommendations any action you have taken because of it and also and also your reviews.
  • Maintenance records and log books for any electrical equipment you may use in your office as well the fire safety equipment, like sprinklers.
  • Records of any fire drill you have held, and also their recommendations and conclusions.
  • The locations of your fire doors and fire alarm systems.

If they feel your building safety is not up to standard or there is a breach of the law then they have powers to issue you with an enforcement notice, although this is rare. You always have the right to appeal against any judgements they make against you.


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