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Fire Warden test multiple choice questions 

Question 1
What is the main responsibility of a Fire Warden?

A.     They are a designated member of staff who play a key role in the event of a workplace fire and emergency evacuation situation.
B.     Their main duty is to ensure that fire extinguishers work.
C.     Checking office electrical sockets.
D.     Training up other members of staff on Health & Safety issues.


Question 2
What is a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (also known as a PEEP)?

A.     An evacuation plan for everyone in a building in the event of an emergency.
B.     A diagram showing the fire exits in a building.
C.     A tailor made individual escape plan for anyone who may not be able to evacuate a building unaided in the event of an emergency.
D.     A set of Standard Operating Procedures kept in the local council offices.


Question 3
What are the three elements of a Fire Triangle?

A.     Heat, fuel and water.
B.     Water, oil and oxygen.
C.     Foam, fuel and water.
D.     Oxygen, heat and fuel.


Question 4
What should you do if you discover a fire at work?

A.     Get your coat and belongings and exit the building.
B.     Raise the fire alarm quickly at the nearest port of call.
C.     Call you manager to inform him.
D.     Close all doors and windows and wait for instructions.


Question 5
Where will you find fire extinguishers in most buildings?

A.     In readily accessible locations throughout the workplace.
B.     Only in the kitchens.
C.     Right next to electrical appliances.
D.     In the manager’s office.


Question 6
What is the purpose of fire doors?

A.     To keep out burglars.
B.     To help people evacuate a building during and emergency.
C.     To keep out rodents and pests.
D.     They protect buildings from the spread of fire by confining any outbreak to a specific area for a longer period of time.


Question 7
What is a fire risk assessment?

A.     Deciding where to place the fire extinguishers.
B.     How to evacuate a building.
C.     An organised and methodical review undertaken of a building in order to assess its fire risk.
D.     Selecting were to place electrical sockets.


Question 8
What should a person do when the fire alarm goes off?

A.     Leave the building immediately and go to the designated assembly point.
B.     Gather their belonging and wait for further instructions.
C.     Stay where they are.
D.     Call their manager and tell them what has happened.


Question 9
A designated assembly point is;

A.     Location where people can socialise in safety.
B.     A safe cooking area where people can prepare food.
C.     A sport’s playing field.
D.     A place where people should go to after evacuating a building in the event of a fire or other emergency.


Question 10
What colour is a CO2 extinguisher?

A.     Red with black band
B.     Black
C.     Red with green band
D.     Blue


Question 11
In the event of a fire one of the jobs of a Fire Warden is to; 

A.     Make sure all of the windows are closed.
B.     Ensure everyone has collected their belongings.
C.     Switch of all the electrical appliances.
D.     Direct and guide staff to the nearest safe exit routes.


Question 12
The most common cause of workplace fires is;

A.     Faulty electrical equipment
B.     Arson
C.     Lack of staff training
D.     Leaving the lights on overnight.


Question 13
What is a fire drill?

A.     An electrical drill used to make holes in walls.
B.     Practicing how a building would be evacuated in the event of a fire.
C.     A set of written instructions on how to prevent fires.
D.     A legal safety form to be filled in by senior managers.


Question 14
How often should fire extinguishers be serviced by a qualified engineer?

A.     Every other year
B.     Never
C.     Weekly
D.     Annually


Question 15
A Fire Warden needs to receive at least basic formal training?

A.     True
B.     False


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