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First Aid quiz multiple choice questions 

Question 1
What is the first thing to do when you approach a casualty?

A.     Ask them their name.
B.     Try to find out what happened.
C.     Call the emergency services.
D.     Check for danger.


Question 2
What is a primary survey?

A.     The initial assessment carried out on a casualty.
B.     Going over the patient’s medical records.
C.     Writing a report on what happened.
D.     Opening the casualty’s airway and checking breathing.


Question 3
What is a secondary survey?

A.     Before approaching the casualty, making sure the area is safe.
B.     Looking, listening and feeling to see if the patient is breathing normally.
C.     A more detailed assessment of the casualty to help the first responder detect immediate threats to life.
D.     Filling in a form with the casualty’s personal details.


Question 4
What is the recommended amount of time you should spend washing your hands?

A.     20 seconds
B.     1 minute
C.     4 minutes
D.     10 seconds


Question 5
How long should you check for breathing while performing CPR?

A.     20 seconds
B.     4 seconds
C.     15 seconds
D.     No longer than 10 seconds


Question 6
Which of the following are signs of shock?

A.     Feeling very hungry and thirsty.
B.     Hysterical laughing.
C.     Having a strong desire to run from the scene.
D.     Pale ashen skin, rapid breathing, nausea or fatigue.


Question 7
What is a faint?

A.     An irrational fear of specific things.
B.     A brief loss of consciousness.
C.     A sign that you are about to catch the cold.
D.     Falling to the floor but remaining conscious.


Question 8
What is an open fracture?

A.     A fracture where the bone ends can move around.
B.     Also known as a compound fracture, in which the bone is exposed as the skin is broken.
C.     A fracture in which the bone has split but the skin is not broken.
D.     Where the broken ends of the bone line up and are barely out of place.


Question 9
What is First Aid?

A.     Talking to someone who has had an accident.
B.     Help given to casualty’s in a hospital surrounding.
C.     Finding our what happened at the scene of a accident.
D.     Immediate assistance given to a casualty suffering from either a minor or serious injury.


Question 10
Which test should you use if you suspect that a casualty has had a stroke?

A.     Alert, Voice, Pain, Unresponsive.
B.     Face, Arms, Speech, Test.
C.     Pulse, Respiratory Rate, Temperature
D.     Response, Airway, Breathing, Circulation.


Question 11
What is the treatment for someone having an asthma attack?

A.     Sit the casualty upright and get them to take slow steady breaths then call for assistance.
B.     Try to engage them in a conversation to get them talking.
C.     Give them some cold water to drink.
D.     Get them to breathe through their nose.


Question 12
Who is responsible for providing a first aid kit in the workplace?

A.     The Employer
B.     The designated First Aider
C.     Individual employees
D.     The local council.


Question 13
A casualty has fallen and banged their head should you?

A.     Rub it till it feels better.
B.     Apply some heat run cream.
C.     Tell them to be more careful next time.
D.     Monitor for signs of concussion and seek medical advice it at all worried.


Question 14
The correct sequence for the Primary Survey is?

A.     Danger, Response, Airport, Breeding
B.     Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing and Circulation
C.     Airway, Danger, Response, Breathing
D.     Danger, Response, Breathing, Airway


Question 15
Which is the correct ratio of chest compressions to rescue breaths for use in CPR of an adult casualty?

A.     2 compressions : 30 ventilations.
B.     15 compressions : 2 ventilations.
C.     30 compressions : 2 ventilations.
D.     5 compressions : 1 ventilations.


Question 16
Heat stroke can occur when a body temperature reaches;

A.     34°
B.     29°
C.     38° and above
D.     32°


DISCLAIMER – Please read
We do not provide formal or accredited first aid training. This quiz is not accredited or authorized by any organization or authority. We are not a medical practice and nothing in this quiz constitutes medical advice or is a substitute for seeking medical advice and emergency assistance. The scenarios and questions listed are designed to provide a guide for common situations. You should not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to medical advice from a professional healthcare provider. If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition you should seek immediate medical attention.


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