This page has been developed to give you a food hygiene practise test, that asks you questions which are similar to the ones that you will be asked in ‘real’ food safety course quizzes. In these tests you will be asked a series of questions, with each one having a set of multi choice answers, you are awarded points for every correct answer you select.

Mock tests such as these are an excellent way for you to assess whether you have attained the necessary knowledge to be ready to take on a Food Hygiene course. There is mounting evidence which suggests that students who take quizzes can learn faster than those who simply study.


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Food hygiene quiz multiple choice questions 

Question 1
What is the correct temperature that frozen food should be kept at?

A. 0 degrees
B. 15 degrees or lower
C. -18 degrees or lower
D. 20 degrees or lower

Question 2
Where should raw meat be stored in a refrigerator?

A. At the top.
B. In the middle.
C. At the bottom, below all other food.

Question 3
Which one of the following jewellery is acceptable for a food handler to wear?

A. Plain wedding band.
B. Arm ring.
C. Bracelet .
D. A ring that is a symbol of religious faith.

Question 4
What is the ideal temperature for Pathogens to flourish?

A. 10 degrees
B. 37 degrees
C. 55 degrees
D. 90 degrees

Question 5
How many times can you reheat leftovers?

A. As many times as you like.
B. Twice.
C. Four times.
D. You should only reheat leftovers once.

Question 6
Which of the following meats are safe to eat when they are pink or raw?

A. Chicken.
B. Pork.
C. Minced meat.
D. Lamb.

Question 7
What are the basic steps for washing hands?

A. Wash thoroughly with water and dry.
B. Apply soap, wash thoroughly, rinse and use paper towels.
C. Apply soap, wash thoroughly.

Question 8
What is the reason for drying your hands after washing them?

A. So that you don’t drip water everywhere.
B. Because germs and bacteria are more easily spread with wet hands.
C. Your hands are slippery when wet, and you will not be able to hold kitchen utensils properly.

Question 9
Which of the following is true about bacteria;

A. Bacteria multiplies and grows faster in warm environments.
B. Bacteria needs air to survive.
C. Every type of bacteria can give people food poisoning.
D. By freezing food you can kill bacteria.

Question 10
The ideal temperature in your fridge should be?

A. 4 – 10 degrees
B. 1 and 4 degrees.
C. 0 to 4 degrees.
D. -2 to 0 degrees.

Question 11
Which one of the following foods is likely to contain the MOST bacteria?

A. Frozen raw chicken.
B. Recently cooked chicken.
C. A opened fizzy drink.
D. Bottled mayonnaise.

Question 12
Whilst in a food preparation or serving environment, what is the best way to dry your hands after washing them?

A. Using paper towels.
B. Damp towels.
C. Just let then dry naturally.

Question 13
How can you tell if food has enough bacteria to cause food poisoning?

A. It will smell.
B. You can’t, it will appear normal.
C. It will have a different colour.
D. It will taste different.

Question 14
Which of the following powers do Environmental Health Officers NOT have?

A. Authority to close down premises.
B. The power of arrest.
C. Authority to enter premises without appointment.
D. The power to seize foods.

Question 15
It is important to prepare food safely because;

A . It helps to prevent food poisoning.
B. Prepared food looks better.
C. Prepared food tastes better.

Question 16
Which of the following does bacteria need to assist it to grow and multiply;

A . Water.
B. Food.
C. Warm temperatures.
D. All of the above.

Question 17
How do you know if a beef burger has been properly cooked and is safe to eat?

A. After cutting it in half and you see the inside as red you know it has been cooked properly.
B. If you can see that it has been burnt then you know it is safe.
C. If you can see the outside of the burger is evenly brown and when you cut it in the middle you can see that the meat is no longer pink.

Question 18
Food contaminated with food poisoning bacteria would;

A. Look different
B. Smell badly
C. Look and taste normal
D. Generally speaking food poisoning bacteria cannot be smelled, tasted or seen (except with the aid of a microscope) on food.

Question 19
In a place of work, the best way to dry your hands after washing them is to;

A. Use a cotton towel.
B. Just shake excess water away.
C. Use a air dryer.
D. Use a paper towel.


Question 20
If a food is cooked on the outside it will also be cooked on the inside.
True or false.

Question 21
You must wash poultry and chicken pieces before cooking them.
True or false.



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