Are you applying for jobs but not getting invited to interviews? Could it be because of your CV?

As a leading UK job board and career site that was established in 2004 we see literally 100’s of CVs every day, we also see which ones succeed and which ones fail. The ones that fail do so because they fail to grab the recruiters attention. Always remember that a employer will look at potentially dozens of CVs for each vacancy they advertise. Meaning they will only have up to 2-3 minutes to look at each one.

On top of this most CV layouts look similar so for yours to be noticed it needs to STAND OUT!

You must view your CV as a marketing tool to promote yourself, so ensure that it:-


• Highlights your career related strengths and experiences.
• Makes your achievements and skills stand out from the rest.
• Shows signs or originality and creativity that will get you noticed.

Get a FREE CV review and then design yourself a interview winning resume!

Do you want to get an interview for the job of your dreams? Then let our professional CV consultants assist you by reviewing your CV and then advising you on key points like:-

• Advice on which CV template would be ideal for your industry.
• Placing and highlighting of job related keywords.
• Simple tips on how to make your CV stand out from competitors.
• Writing your career statement and personal profile.
• What font to use and the length of your CV.

To take advantage of this superb FREE offer simply contact us via email or telephone:


Tel: 0121 638 0026

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