What is a CV template?

They are pre-formatted and ready-made MS Word documents that can serve as a starting point for your CV. If used correctly they can make your job hunting  easier and more successful.

Typically, they are two pages long and contain sections for a candidate’s contact details, personal summary, career objective, work experience, professional skills, achievements, academic qualifications and references. These fields can be easily changed to fit the type of job you’re after and the work you do.

Many of them make good use of eye catching formats, colors, layouts and designs so as to stand out and be visually appealing.


Why use a CV template?

It’s the CV that’s never started that takes the longest to finish. Templates are a great tool for helping you make that all important first step. They are ideal if you’re starting from scratch, as the initial groundwork has been done and all you need to do is simply fill in the various sections with your own information.

There are other benefits as well. Many creative ones have unique, interesting, uncluttered and easy to follow layouts. This ensures consistency throughout your CV and also makes them easy to scan and read. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to have a great looking one.

Furthermore, they also come in many different formats, making them suitable for all types of roles for people from all walks of life and at any stage of their career.

Last but not least, they shorten the time it takes to write a professional ATS compatible CV and simplify the process, taking away a lot of the related stress and headache.


Why is a good CV template important?

The presentation and layout of your CV can be just as influential as what you write in it. A good design can do two key things, distinguish you from others and impress a potential recruiter with your communication skills.


Which one should I use?

There is no simple answer or golden rules for this. The only ‘right’ template is the one that gets you noticed, highlights your skills and most importantly gets you invited to job interviews.

The good news is we have many templates (designed for different roles and circumstances) that you can experiment with to find or develop the one that gets you results.

Its advisable to begin with one that is closest to your circumstances and appropriate to the position you are applying for. If that doesn’t work, then you choose another and start over again.


Are your CV templates free?

Yes, most of them are completely free to download, edit and use. The free ones will have a button above the image indicating so. For some you may need to register on our site (no charge), after which you can download them right away.


How do I edit them?

Being MS Word files and fully customizable, all you have to do is download them, save them to your computer and then update them using a common text editor. You can change their colors, fonts, and styling details to create a personalized CV that is as individual as you are.