What happens if I do not receive the templates?
In the very unlikely event of this happening you should contact us immediately at info@dayjob.com.


Are the templates printable?
Yes, they are suitable for high-quality professional printing.


Can I modify the templates?
Yes, you can modify them for your own personal use. They can be cropped, resized, have images added, fonts changed, colour altered and text inserted.


How many Premium plans are there?

Currently we offer the following 2 Premium subscription options;

  1. Monthly Premium Plan
    This is a monthly subscription that is automatically renewed every month, unless you cancel the automatic renewal option.
  2. Annual Premium Plan
    A yearly subscription that is paid once every 12 months, unless you cancel the automatic renewal option.


What is the automatic renewal of Premium plans?
Our Premium plans are automatically renewed. Meaning our Monthly Premium plan will be renewed one month after the first payment is made. An annual plan will be renewed 12 months after the first payment is made.


How do you cancel automatic renewal?
The automatic renewal option for both Monthly and Annual plans can be easily cancelled through your dashboard. There is no charge for doing this. If you do cancel, then please note that once any current plan you have paid for ends, your Premium access to our templates will be deactivated.  However, your account will remain active until the end of the period you have paid for.


Can I use any templates I have downloaded even my Premium Plan Subscription has ended?
Yes, you can continue to use any templates you may have downloaded during the active period of your Premium plan.