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Geography personal statement example 1

“I have always been interested in how people influence the environment and how the environment influences people. I find geography to be a fascinating discipline that will allow me to study this interaction between humans and the planet as well as other related topics like climate change, urbanisation and nature.

Whilst studying at college for my A levels I excelled in core related subjects like physical and human geography, GIS and remote sensing. This education has given me a comprehensive knowledge of the many different tools that geographers use to study people, places and the environment with. I am now familiar with the latest specialist computer software, data analysis techniques and statistical methods that are used in the real world to gather a lot of different information on topics like water resources and sustainable development.

Over the past year I have also held a part time voluntary job at a assistant to a consultant GIS analyst. This experience has been invaluable in helping me to gain practical work experience and understand the career options available to a geography graduate. I have discovered that there are a lot of different jobs that geographers can do at local, national and international levels. There are many opportunities out there for me to apply something I am genuinely interested in to the workplace and also get paid for doing it.

At heart I know I am a geographer because I like looking at maps and have a strong desire to learn about and experience new places. I want to be involved in solving problems, understand the world and work towards creating a sustainable future for the human race.

Right now I believe that I have developed the comparative and analytical skills that are essential to undertake a degree course. Whilst searching for a suitable institution I have researched what your university has to offer its undergraduates and have been very impressed by what I have found. The impression I get is that it is a really supportive environment where tutors are always willing to help and will make an that effort to assist students.”

Geography personal statement example 2

“The Earths rainforests once covered fourteen percent of the planets surface, it is estimated that today they cover just six percent. It was this startling fact more than anything else that got me seriously interested in geography. I started to look at what geography was all about and to my pleasant surprise I found it to be a diverse, engaging and inspiring subject that is all about the real world and its problems. It’s a topic that has never bored me, indeed the more I’ve learnt about it the more I have become attracted to it. To me it combines everything you need to know about the worlds people, places and environment as well as the interaction between them.

Another key reason for my interest is that fact that I feel that there has never been a more important time than right now to study geography. With a growing interest in issues such as migration, climate change, environmental degradation and social cohesion, the present is an perfect time to be involved in a subject that literally touches everybody.

On a more personal level my research has shown me that geographers are highly employable, meaning that a broad based academic qualification in this field will also give me above average graduate employability in any future career. I fully understand that the employability for all graduates is closely linked to the key abilities, discipline-specific skills and knowledge which they take from their years at university. However I also believe that students who want to become geographers need to have certain personal qualities that will make them to be suitable and successful on this type of course. I am confident that I have those qualities, as I am adaptable, have an understanding of other cultures and possess the ability to relate to a broad range of people from different backgrounds.

I already have considerable knowledge of the subject, which I gained both at college and through my own personal endeavours. At college I really enjoyed studying geography and participated in many interesting experiments and field trips, including a three week ‘expedition’ to Iceland where we got to see at first hand the countries geothermal springs, magnificent icecaps, lava fields and waterfalls. In my spare time I have become involved (as an unpaid volunteer) in a number of environmental campaigns where I assist with fundraising and in raising awareness of environmental issues. I have also joined a local Geographical Society where I have improved my map reading skills and my ability to analyse and interpret information.

All of my studying and experiences to date has wetted my appetite to learn more about the world we live in, particularly its population, demographic trends, societies, economies, cultures and the environment.

To discover more about this fascinating subject I have decided to enrol at a leading university and on a degree course that will show me the real value of geography. On visiting you university I got to see the superb facilities on offer and to also meet the professors and lecturers who gave me their full attention. The quality of support your institution offers to students is exceptionally high and I am sure that I will have a enjoyable and rich experience at your institution. I hope this statement has gone some way towards showing my commitment to geography and my reasons for choosing this area of study and I would be grateful if you look favourably on my application.”


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