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HACCP quiz multiple choice questions 

Question 1
At its core what does HACCP stipulate?

A.    That companies should use the right ingredients in the preparation of food.
B.    That all organisations involved in the food business should implement and maintain hygiene procedures based on HACCP principles.
C.    That people should wash their hands before handling food.
D.    That food processing organisations should keep their administrative records in good order.


Question 2
What does HACCP stand for?

A.    Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point
B.    Hazard And Critical Control Point
C.    Health Analysis and Critical Control Point
D.    Hazard And Critical Cooking Point


Question 3
What does Critical Control Point mean?

A.    The point when food handlers must start to make administrative records in the HACCP system.
B.    The point when steam starts to rise from food being cooked.
C.    When bacteria starts to grow uncontrollably on food.
D.    It is a point, step or procedure at which control can be applied to prevent or eliminate a food safety hazard or reduce it to an acceptable level.


Question 4
What is a HACCP Plan?

A.    A form that has to be filled in by all food handlers.
B.    A food hygiene rating scheme.
C.    A written document which is based upon the seven principles of HACCP, which clearly states the safety procedures to be followed to identify any hazards that must be avoided, removed or reduced.
D.    A system used in food hygiene auditing.


Question 5
What is a HACCP Team?

A.    A team of highly trained chefs.
B.    A group of people who have the skills and knowledge needed to develop, implement and maintain a HACCP system.
C.    A team of government investigators.
D.    An office based team of administrative officials who specialise in food hygiene matters.


Question 6
What hazards does HACCP address?

A.    It is used to guide businesses through the process of identifying food safety hazards.
B.    It highlights inaccuracies in an organisations administrative processes.
C.    It shows food handlers which utensils to use when cooking meals.
D.    It focuses on potential fire hazards within the food preparation area.


Question 7
Which of these would be a critical limit?

A.    Washing vegetables before using them.
B.    Cooking chicken to reach a temperature of 165°F (74°C) for 15 seconds.
C.    Checking the use by date on canned ingredients.
D.    The temperature food is kept at in a fridge.


Question 8
What is the first stage of putting together a HACCP system?

A.    Putting together a HACCP team.
B.    Making sure everyone has the correct forms that have to be filled in.
C.    Determining the product lines and distribution channels that should be included in the HACCP plan.
D.    Creating a flow diagram that gives a simple and clear outline of the steps involved in the food process of the company.


Question 9
What sectors is HACCP applicable to?

A.    The motor industry and specifically the production line.
B.    The airline industry.
C.    Software development.
D.    It is suitable to be implemented by organisations directly or indirectly involved in various sectors of the food industry and related supply chain.


Question 10
What are the benefits of implementing HACCP?

A.    It assists businesses that work within the food preparation and supply industry to identify and manage key controls over processes and thereby ensure safe food.
B.    It helps organisations to keep accurate administrative records relating to food production.
C.    It keeps workers involved in food production on their toes.
D.    It helps to increase the profits of a company involved in food preparation.


Question 11
How many principles are there in a HACCP system?

A.    Four
B.    Seven
C.    Eighteen
D.    Ten


Question 12
HACCP can not only prevent cases of food poisoning, it can also…..

A.    Increase a company’s profits.
B.    Make foot taste better.
C.    Help a company to comply with relevant food law regulations.
D.    Make food look more palatable.


Question 13
The recordkeeping requirements of a HACCP plan enables;

A.    Food handlers to work faster.
B.    The company to save money by using less paper than it otherwise would.
C.    Investigators to audit a company and see how well they are complying with food safety laws over a set period.
D.    People to know what their colleagues are doing.


Question 14
What is the purpose of Protective Disposable Clothing?

A.    It assists the food handler to maintain and upkeep their personal levels of hygiene, thereby helping to stop any food contamination.
B.    Makes the food handler look more professional.
C.    It helps food handlers to recognise each other and the work they do.
D.    It protects them in the case of an accident.


Question 15
Why must food must be thoroughly cooked to the correct time and temperature combination.

A.    It helps to improve the taste.
B.    It makes the food look more attractive.
C.    It is a requirement of the law.
D.    It helps to kill harmful microbes that can cause disease.


Question 16
Which of the following is true about bacteria;

A.    Bacteria multiplies and grows faster in warm environments.
B.    Bacteria needs air to survive.
C.    Every type of bacteria can give people food poisoning.
D.    By freezing food you can kill bacteria.


Question 17
In a place of work, the best way to dry your hands after washing them is to;

A.    Use a cotton towel.
B.    Just shake excess water away.
C.    Use a air dryer.
D.    Use a paper towel.


Question 18
Which of the following sectors is HACCP applicable to;

A.    Retailing
B.    Fast food takeaways
C.    Office administration
D.    Facilities management



Question 19
Accurate record keeping is NOT an important part of HACCP and overall food safety management.
True or false


Question 20
HACCP can be applied to industries other than food.
True or false



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