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Help create a safer working environment by becomeing a Health & Safety Adviser [HSA]


Health and safety advisers enforce health and safety rules and awareness in all working environments and industries. They develop and implement clear policies and procedures to avoid accidents and occupational health problems, thus ensuring a safe working environment.

Having a health and safety adviser jobs would involve you in identifying hazards and risks in the workplace as well as constructing safety countermeasures alongside these risks.

It also involves surveillance and inspection of work sites and enforcing the health and safety in practise.

Companies depend on health and safety advisers to examine accidents, work out health issues on production lines and train employees in health and safety in order to minimise risks and help them stay up to date with latest legislation. Advisers in addition, work along side with other officers of enforcing authorities such as the health and safety executive [HSE].

Advisers can also help companies find the best employers liability insurance. As well as helping them to deal with dangerous substances like asbestos, first aid, and other risk management issues. If you are a small business but employ more than five members of staff then you need to produce a health and safety policy statement.

About the Health and Safety Executive
The HSE is a public body that is tasked with looking after workplace health and safety and accidents within the United Kingdom. They do this by enforcing practises that will lessen the chances of employees getting injured or sick at work. It was originally set up by the government in 1974. These rules and regulations are enforced by HSE inspectors as well as trading standard officers.

There are many benefits to a company to that follows the law and takes a few precautions to creates a secure working environment for their staff. Apart from the obvious fact that by stopping your staff from putting themselves in danger you can save your company from being sued later by injured employees.

It should also be noted that HSE laws are also there to protect the general public who enter any business premises. For instance shoppers who enter a supermarket, or customers who buy sandwiches from a bakery. These laws apply to factories, shops, Small Medium Enterprises and also the self employed.

HSE investigators not only offer advice to companies and the public but they also investigate complaints as well as actual accidents or incidents.

The Health and Safety Executive offers guidance to government bodies on all matters relating to workplace safety. They also execute government policies to do with workplace issues, as well as compile reports for ministers and senior officials.


Advice-givers keep side by side of legislation and have to be involved in the law and have a capability to comprehend regulations. Superior written and communication skills are important, as is the ability to clarify health and safety regulations to a large range of people. This may involve giving presentations and running training sessions.

For further career advice contact:

British Safety Council, National safety centre, 70 Chancellors road, London, W6 9RS

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