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These are issued and enforced by health and safety inspectors who after visiting your premises conclude that your workplace is unsafe. You should note that the inspectors can come to visit your premises unannounced anytime to do a check, although they usually ring you just before they do to ensure you are there.

If a health and safety prohibition notice is issued then this would mean that you will have to cease trading from the building in question immediately. You should also not allow customers or visitors to enter your premises, as it has been deemed to be unsafe. These notices can be issued due to the conditions of certain parts of your workplace or even your work practises.

The notice itself is a report that will be handed to the owners of the company. It will list in detail what the inspectors found and why they have issued the notice. It will also stipulate the steps and action you need to take to get the notice lifted. It is a criminal offence to keep trading after being issued with a prohibition notice. You may also be prosecuted in a court if you do not carry out the required work.

The key aim is to always comply and adhere with the relevant and current health and safety regulations and safety standards. If ever you are unsure of your obligations then seeks the advice of fire safety consultants or other industry professionals. Those companies that have had prohibition notices issued against them or that have been prosecuted will appear on a public register run by the Health & Safety Executive. This register is accessible to the general public, see the website link to it at the bottom of this page.

The procedure to have the notice removed and to start trading again is to carry out the recommendations and work that the fire safety inspector has asked you to do. Once you have complied with the notice and done the work you should then contact the safety inspector and make an appointment for them to come and view the premises again. Once they have done this and seen that you have met your legal duties the prohibition notice will be removed. You have to clearly show that you are concerned with the welfare of your staff and visitors to your business.


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Website: http://www.hse.gov.uk/notices/ (external link to another website)

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