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Unfortunately every year many people are killed in the United Kingdom as a result of accidents in the work place, be it an office or a warehouse. Many more thousands are injured or become ill because of faulty equipment or negligence on behalf of themselves, their colleagues or their employers.

One of the biggest advantages of attending a training course being that you will know what to do in the event of an emergency. Other reasons for doing one could be that it is much better to try to prevent accidents from happening in the first place rather than having injured workers to care for later. For instance the Health and Safety Act will require an office to have a fire extinguisher as a fire safety precaution, enabling any blaze to be put out very quickly rather than letting it spread.

Now there are many different types of training courses out there, some are general and others are more specialised and specific. All of these safety classes are aimed at improving workplace safety and benefiting your employees by making them more aware and competent in health and safety policy. All training materials should give clear instructions on the rules and use of all workplace safety equipment. The tutor should hold a review of all of students course material, and have a checklist of subject to test them on. You should consult workers representatives like trade unions before running any courses, this is especially true in public sector jobs.

Training can either be done in house or outsourced to private specialist training providers, choosing the venue is important. If it is to be within your work premises then decide on things like whether to teach in a group in a classroom or individually on a one to one basis. Decide on your method, will you use a projector or a flipchart and booklets, or will you provide interactive materials that require a computer. At the end of the class always try to get feedback from the students, ask how they found it, this is important to help you make improvements to your education training.

On top of this you should remember that it is a legal obligation under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 for employers to take all practical measures to ensure the well being of their staff. This is where the true benefit of health and safety training courses comes in, by showing then you prioritise safety management with your commitment to their health and well being.

Training classes will aim to teach everyone about occupational safety, and help workers to learn and deliver best practise procedures. When looking to run training in health and safety courses always remember that some students will require more attention and extra training seminars that others.

Listed below are just some of the topics that training providers should include to increase the knowledge levels of their workers on this important issue.

Various types of health and safety courses

NEBOSH (National Examination Board of Occupational Safety and Health)
This is a industry standard qualification for occupational health and safety and is mainly for supervisors, managers, HR professionals and facilities managers. It is a qualification that is focused on training managers to have a clear appreciation of the principles of risk management and health and safety issues.

A NEBOSH course syllabus will focus on:

  • Identifying and controlling workplace hazards.
  • A employers legal requirements.
  • Producing a health and safety policy.
  • Accident and incident investigation.
  • Electrical hazards
  • Fire hazards
  • The practical application of health and safety policies.
  • Controlling workplace hazards.
  • Hazards and control associated with the working environment
  • Hazards and control associated with manual handling and repetitive movement.
  • Transport safety
  • Explain what constitutes an adequate risk assessment
  • Identify the main hazards and controls for work equipment.
  • Identify the requirements for, and effective provision of, first aid in the workplace.

IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health)
Fire marshal training
Risk assessment courses
Moving and handling courses
Occupational health courses

First aid
As the name suggests this is the first bit of aid that a wounded worker with a injury will receive. To be able to administer first aid properly a person should be trained in life saving skill and have a recognised certificate of competence which is usually called a first aid certificate. A typical qualification is the HSE Approved ‘First Aid at Work’. Training will include a number of scenarios like resuscitation, bleeding from wounds or food poisoning. It is vital that all workplaces should have a first aid kit which will include emergency medical equipment like, bandages, syringes, plasters as well as antiseptic creams. you could be expected to look at a patient who suddenly falls ill perhaps through eating something in the canteen. Or who has had a fall walking down some stairs, or who has been injured working on the factory floor etc. whatever it is you should assess the injury and then decide on whether to call a ambulance or paramedic or simply a doctor.


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