The extensive motorway and highways network of the United Kingdom require constant maintenance and repairs to keep them in good road worthy condition for traffic.

This is where the services of a highway engineer are required in assisting architects, project managers and construction workers to help maintain and also build new motorway networks. Highway engineers find new solutions to problems affecting the transportation systems of the country

Job description
A highways engineering career is a very practical hands on job, where you will be spending a lot of time out in the field. Being involved in the design and planning and construction of highways and related infrastructure like tunnels and bridges. Always working towards highways design standards. You should have a good understanding of the workings and procedures of the Highways Agency.

Typically on most projects once the planning and the design work has been completed in an office, then the construction phase can start. On site you will supervise the work being carried out and be involved with technicians in looking at elements like surface texture and road junction design, just to name a few. These points and the design and maintenance of bridges, drainage systems and structures is the bread and butter work of ant any civil engineering career.

As well as this you will have to work out current traffic volumes and also predicted future highways use age as well. When looking at planning and designing building work you will have to take into consideration and environmental factors, like noise pollution and air pollution.

You will be involved in the decision making of where to place traffic control systems on the motorway, the width of the lanes, and calculating for maximum slopes. All these points are related to delivering a safe transport system and safety management.

Qualifications and training
It would be helpful if you had a interest in civil engineering, aside from this there are a number of institutions where you can get training and professional development support.
At university you should enroll in a degree course in either engineering or technology.

The typical starting salary for a newly qualified engineer is in the region of £18,000 per annum.

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Further information:

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