The Inland Revenue employs over 88,000 staff and recruits and advertises for hundreds of jobs vacancies every year

The Inland Revenue [or HM Revenue and Customs as it is also known] in the United Kingdom currently employs over 88,000 people, making it one of the biggest civil service organisations in the country. Its main responsibility is to collect indirect tax [like Excise duties and Stamp Duty] and direct tax revenues [like National Insurance Contributions and inheritance tax] from individuals, the self employed and also businesses.

They are responsible for collecting income tax, VAT, inheritance tax, national insurance, etc. They have an office in virtually every town and city in the UK. Due to the size of the organisation, every year it advertises hundreds of Inland Revenue Jobs on job boards and in the national press, many of these are part time and flexible working vacancies.

The Inland Revenue also has a number of other duties like distributing tax credits, providing tax advice as well as patrolling the UK&rsquos borders for illegal imports. HMRC are also responsible for enforcing the National Minimum Wage and child benefit payments.

Prior to 2002 the Inland Revenue was a separate government department, however it was merged with HM Customs and Excise to form what is now known as HM Revenue and Customs. Although historically HM Customs and Excise is known as the &lsquotax man&rsquo.

Due to the nature of the work you must be a team player, and should have a good head for figures as you may be doing a lot of number crunching.

HMRC staff should have thorough knowledge of issues like IR35 as they may also act as a tax advisor to contractors on enquiries relating to self assessment tax returns and corporation tax matters. Occasionally staff may also have to negotiate with tax accountants on matters like when a contractor claims to be employed by a umbrella company.

The Inland Revenue have their own graduate recruitment team in place, and offers much advice on a career path with them. Internship is another option open to you. They offer a competitive salary for all of their vacancies along with many other benefits like flexible working, and also fast track promotional opportunities. You will benefit from generous holiday entitlement, the civil service pensions scheme [CSPS] along with a friendly working environment in their open plan offices. HM Customs and Excise have a stand at many graduate recruitment fairs so it may be worth attending them so you can speak to someone face to face.

Candidate requirements
As is the case with all civil service jobs, applicants to any Inland Revenue job vacancies must be ccitizens of the United Kingdom or a national of the National of the European Economic Area.
If you applying for any senior management positions then it would be advantageous for you to have recognized tax qualifications like ICAS, CIPFA, CIMA etc.
Depending on the job vacancy you are applying for you must be educated to at least degree level.

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