The golden rule of any successful interview is to try to predict what the recruiters want to hear, and to then decide on how best to say that during the interview.

An interview is essentially a discussion between you and a recruiter to find out if you are suitable for the job.

Typically you will be called to a interview after getting over the first hurdle of having your CV template read by a an employer.

You will have been short listed by the companies human resources department, who after reading your CV or application form will have been impressed enough to want to meet you in person. This is a positive point, you must prepare in detail to get past the next hurdle which is the interview stage.

By: Iejaz Uddin – Updated 3 July 2024


During a interview you should

  • Make sure you understand the question before answering it.
  • Turn off your mobile.
  • Not use slang.
  • Not argue with the interviewer.
  • Keep the conversation relevant to the job, do not discuss religion or politics.
  • If you are nervous then try to use breathing techniques to calm you down.
  • Have some questions that you should ask the interviewer at the end of the interview.
  • Not slouch or make excessive head shaking or nodding movements.
  • Not smoke or ask for drinks (unless offered some).


Interview preparation

Interview can be traumatic and preparing for them can be stressful, time consuming and hard work. However there is no other way around it, to give yourself the best chance of successfully getting through one you have to practice and prepare in detail.

Do this by trying to look at the situation from the point of the employer and interviewer. Read the job description in detail, what sort of role are they trying to fill? Second guess what sort of technical or work related questions are they likely to ask a candidate? You should always prepare your answers and have them ready and memorised.

Be confident in the knowledge that amongst all the other applications they have seen something in your CV writing that they like. They believe you are capable enough to do the job, and you have a real chance at being employed. However before they employ you they basically need more information from you. They will look to find your weaknesses and also your strengths to see which are most suited to the job, so be prepared for a tough grilling.


Interview tips:

During the interview always listed carefully to the question being asked of you, then give a relevant answer. Try not to go off the subject being talked about, otherwise you may start waffling.

  • Arrive 15 minutes before the interview id due to start.
  • Take a copy of the invitation letter with you.
  • Dress smart.
  • Make sure you know your CV inside out, just in case your asked detailed questions about it.

When answering any technical or work related question try to give them a example a scenario you have been involved in that will help answer the question.

A great interview technique is to assess your capabilities and strengths by writing them down and then analysing them to see how relevant they are to the job description.

One of the most common questions you may be asked is ‘Tell me about yourself?’ So have a mini speech ready for this, emphasis your strong points that are related to the job you are applying for, remember they don’t want to hear your life story.

If you are currently working then another question you may be asked is ‘Why are you considering leaving your current employment?’ Be prepared to answer this in a way without criticizing your current employer, be as honest as you can.


Questions you can ask during an interview:

Ask about promotional prospects for the successful candidate, it will engage you more with the interviewer and show that you are interested in doing well in the company and getting promoted.

Before attending the interview research the company and see if there are any news stories in the press, for instance they may be opening a new local branch or have a new chairman. Ask how any of these stories will affect the job role.

Like wise research the industry the company is in as well as their competitors and ask them specifically about these new trends or new products that their competitors may have introduced that will affect the business. This will impress your potential employer by showing that you have a wider interest in the industry.

Ask the interviewer what plans the company has in the near future for new products or services, or how it is going to improve the service to its clients. By asking questions like this they are more likely to remember you than other candidates.


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