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Advice on how to plan and carefully write a letter formally accepting a job offer.

Always address the job acceptance letter to the person who has offered you the job. Ensure that the letter is well written and is free of spelling mistakes, as this will reaffirm your professional conduct.

At the end of your job acceptance letter always mention your appreciation for the opportunity you have been given.

The letter is an opportunity for you to:

  • Confirm the vacancy terms and conditions.
  • Mention that you understand the salary amount, benefits and work schedule.
  • Thank the company for offering you the position.
  • Reinforce to them through a professionally written letter that they have made the right choice.
    Agree and accept the start date.
  • Acknowledge your responsibilities and obligations to the company.


Job acceptance letter example:


Davidsons Furniture Sales
123 Addison Road

Date : 26th July 2010
Ref: Sales Executive vacancy


Dear Mr Davidson

Thank you very much for offering me the Sales Manager position with your company.

I am very happy to work for your company and please consider this letter as my formal acceptance of the position. As was agreed my starting annual salary will be 25,000 pounds, I also understand and accept that I will have to undergo a one month probationary period.

I am eager to provide my managerial, sales and marketing experience and skills to your organisation. I am looking forward very much to starting work on the 23rd August 2010 and to working with you and your colleagues.

If in the meantime you require any further documentation from me then please let me know.

Yours sincerely


Mr Richard Jones
128 Some Road
B18 6NF
Tel: 0121 638 0026



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