job clubs offer your support in finding employment

It can be lonely when you are looking for jobs and applying for jobs. It can also be demoralising when you are rejected and are not getting any responses to your job applications. This is when joining a job club and finding those with similar career goals and education can be quiet helpful. Job clubs are also known as ‘job fining clubs’ are exactly that, they are a club that has been formed specifically to help its members band together in looking for work, and to provide them with support. It’s members network with each other and give each other support in the job hunting process. There are many job clubs for hob hunters to join, however in the unlikely event there is not in your local area, then you can set up a job hunting club yourself, its very easy to do. Job club members can be your own friends or complete strangers.

A job club will give you the social support you need and help you motivate yourself when looking for work. Another helpful feature of a job club is that you can get advice and tips from fellow job club members. This advice can be in interview tips [in the form perhaps of role play], or to helping you to write your CV to even telling you about a job vacancy they have seen advertised that would suit you. A job club or networking club hold meetings regularly, say every fortnight, the meeting can be held in the local job centre, or a at a members house. Many job clubs are run by local job centres, and give advice on a wide range of subjects. For if you are intrested in a career as a literary agent, then they can advise you on the training and qualifications needed to become a book agent.

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