With the massive growth of the Internet over the last decade, many companies now use online job sites as their primary tool for hiring staff.

The company that is able to reach the most candidates with its job adverts, will stand the greatest chance of finding the best candidates. This simple sentence shows why job boards have become so popular, and why they are important to any recruitment campaign.

This page will explain to you everything that you need to know about how an employer can get the most out of a job site. Apart from getting useful information like, how to choose a suitable job site, and how to write a job advert, you will also find here a list of top job boards, including their rates and what they offer.

This page can help employers by showing them how to;

  • Use job sites to attract the most qualified candidates.
  • Write high impact professional job adverts.
  • Negotiate discounts with job sites.
  • Get the most out of an online recruitment campaign.
  • Find the best job sites to advertise on.
  • Learn about exclusive discounts and special offers

Our aim is to make this page a sort of comparison tool for job sites.

What are job posting sites

They have been around since the earliest development of the internet, and are a effective online recruitment tool that helps employers to find suitable candidates. Although some may be free to post jobs, most charge employers a fee to post a job. They are however usually always free for job seekers to use. Currently there are thousands of jobs boards on the Internet, many of them are niche sites aimed at specific industries, job roles or locations.

Apart from advertising vacancies, job boards offer a lot more
Over time job boards have now become more than just places to look for work, these days many offer the following additional resources for both recruiters and job seekers:

  • Tips on how to write a job advert.
  • Employer reviews
  • Career advice
  • Industry news
  • Help with writing a resume.
  • Requirements of working in particular industries.
  • Information on the working conditions and pay of certain jobs.
  • Advice on how to get through interviews.
  • Industry trends
  • Salary reports
  • Career assessments

The advantages of job posting sites

  • Help you to quickly reach a large and targeted audience of active job hunters.
  • They are affordable in price, and can be much cheaper than advertising in newspapers.
  • Many have online communities of professionals that you can tap into.
  • Attract quality candidates quickly.
  • It’s quick and easy to post a job, your advert can be live in minutes.
  • You are always in control, and can login and manage your advert and track were applications are coming from.
  • Ideal way to build the brand of your company and get it known with your target audience. ~
  • Drive targeted traffic to your own website.
  • You can limit the amount of applications you receive by setting up filters and screening questions.
  • Bypass having to use recruitment agencies and the fees that they charge.
  • They can help companies to quickly build up a bank of CVs of suitable candidates that can be contacted in the future.

Drawbacks of using a job site
Because it’s so easy for a candidate to apply for a job, they can result in too many unsuitable candidates applying for a job, leading in turn to information overload for Hiring Managers. One way to get around this is to use screening questions in your job adverts, or specialist software to filter applicants.
Job boards cannot reach those people who don’t have access to the internet (although in this day and age this group may be very small).

Screening applicants automatically
Make it clear who should apply i.e. only candidates with work permits, or those with specific qualifications.
Use specialist software to filter resumes, and refuse those that don’t contain certain keywords.

What to look for in a job site

  • The number of visitors coming to the site (make sure statistics can be verified).
  • the cost, how much is it for a single job or a multiple jobs
  • Are you allowed to search the CV database of the job board.


What information do you need to post a job

  • Job title
  • The name of the person posting the vacancy.
  • Your company name, address and contact details.
  • Job description
  • Salary details
  • Job location
  • Email where applications are to be sent to.

Optional things you can include in your advert
Company logo


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