Bags and bins are an indispensable part of any kitchen or food preparation area. They must be used, looked after and cleaned properly to stop cross contamination and minimize any potential hazards from developing.

Re-usable bags
Re-usable bags in a food preparation area can quickly pick up bacteria. These germs in turn can be transferred to anything that is placed in the bag, creating a possible source of cross contamination.
Food handlers should always bear this in mind when using bags repeatedly.

Cloth bags
Make sure that you wash these frequently, especially after carrying fresh produce, meat, poultry or fish. Wash them inside out by hand with hot soapy water.

Throwing away meat and fish
It’s always a good idea to double bag smelly food waste such as meat and fish. Apart from the smell factor the extra bag will also stop the bags from tearing and help to discourage rodents and pets from ripping the bags open.

  • Dispose of smelly food waste immediately by placing them in any outside food bins.

Tips when putting rubbish in bags

  • Compress black bin liners, to get the air out of them and reduce their volume.
  • Always tie or knot them, this will stop waste from spilling out.
  • If they get punctured or torn put them inside another bin bag to avoid spillage.

Where to put bin bags
Place them in a safe place, out of the way where no one can trip over them.

Refuse storage areas
These should be washed down weekly, or as necessary.

The waste material that builds up in a kitchen bin is an obvious place for germs and bacteria to build up. Use them properly to cut down the chances of cross contamination and food poisoning.

Bins must be:

  • Pest proof
  • Easily cleanable.
  • Emptied regularly.
  • Cleaned regularly and disinfected periodically.

Tips on having bins in the kitchen

  • Only have small bins in the kitchen.
  • They should have close fitting lids.
  • Try to have foot operated pedal bins.
  • Use bin liners where possible.
  • They should not be overfilled with food spilling out of them.
  • Waste material or bags must not be carried through food rooms from storage areas.

Secure storage areas for bins
There should be a secure open area outside of the main food preparation area to store bins. If this is not possible then there should be an enclosed ventilated bin store area, again situated away from the main food preparation areas.


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