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Example 1

“I find the idea of studying one of the key pillars of society and eventually practicing the legal skills have learnt to be extremely appealing. To me law and criminology are both intellectually stimulating, rewarding and enjoyable subjects. I believe that many aspects of a law course will relate to everyday life situations, meaning that everything you learn relates to real-life experiences, this appeals to me greatly.

I have chosen to do a placement purely for experience benefits as I feel that without any I will be at a severe disadvantage in any future job hunting. For my work experience I worked part time for a firm of solicitors who specialised in personal injury and were locally based. It has given me a really good understanding of the practical side of law. Initially my role there was as a administrative assistant where i was involved in talking to clients, updating records and answering the phone. Later on I moved on to become a personal assistant to an experienced solicitor and there i undertook a lot of legal responsibilities, such as researching precedents, explaining court procedures to clients and helping to draft contracts. Whilst there I also developed a marketing plan for the company, it was well received by the senior managers and was communicated to all the employees. It was an amazing time that allowed me to see what I was getting myself into career wise and also gives me something useful and unique to put on my CV.

Having looked at many other universities I feel that your School of Law is second to none. It is near the top of the league table as regards graduate employment, and that is a important attraction for me. Your reputation for good lectureship is such that it has last year attracted a huge influx of foreign students, which proves further that your standards have not diminished over the last few years. I have also discovered outstanding feedback from previous graduates regarding your course delivery and in the provision of students with everything that they need to do their coursework and study for their exams.”


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