Those people who have mental health conditions or some form of learning disability are vulnerable and can become very frustrated with everyday things. A learning disabilities nurse has the task of helping peole with special needs with day to day tasks and also assisting them in the community.

Job description
In this job your responsibility is to help with moderate to severe learning disability integrate into the community and help them to control their behaviour and so ensure that they do not harm themselves or others. As a learning disabilities nurse you will have to be very patient with your patients show emotional resilience and also be a good listener and communicator, as you have to observe and read peoples emotions. You will also spend some of your time as a sort of teacher educating those you are looking after and also sometimes their carers.

You will be working very closely with the parents of children with disabilities as well as their carers. As with most public sector jobs in the health service you will work as part of a team, in this case with community nurses and a multidisciplinary team, as well as social workers. You will asses your client and then draw up a care plan. You should have good administrative skills to update records and make notes.

As with most healthcare jobs you will be expected to work flexible hours, and sometimes be on call. Some public sector employers require you to work 24 hour shifts, especially if you are based in a residential home.

Qualifications and training
You have to take a recongnised nurse education programme, this can be a three year diploma course or a degree course in subject slike health and social care and social work.

thse starting salary for a recently qualified learning disability nurse will start from £19,000 and can go up to £24,000

Further information:

Royal College of Nursing
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Telephone: 020 7409 3333