Legal executives work within the legal profession usually as solicitors

A legal executive is a professional lawyer, which has been employed within a solicitor’s office or in a legal department of commerce as well as central and local government. In addition, the academic and training needs in a specified area are of law are within the same level as those that are required of a solicitor. With few exceptions a legal executive is able to do tasks which are similar to those carried out by solicitors. Several areas, which are specialised, include conveyancing, criminal law, civil litigation, family law and probate. In addition to giving a meaningful career in its own right, the legal executive qualification offers access to those wanting to qualify as solicitors via the institute route.

Training and qualification
In order to become a legal executive the minimum requirements for entry include four GCSEs together with English, however, graduates and a level students are able. As an option to these needs, the institute accepts a qualification in vocational legal studies, and have exceptional arrangements for students, which are over the age of 21.

Qualities needed
You require the ability to communicate both in writing and verbally with peoples at all levels, you need to be truth worthy and have absolute discretion. So when sending in CV template always be sure to mention these qualities in there.

The salary ranges with regards to qualification and age, as well as the type of work being undertaken. In addition, the starting salary on average is around £12,000. legal executives receive salaries in an excess of £50,000.

Further information

The Institute of Legal Executives
Kempston manor
MK42 7AB
Telephone: 01234 841000

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