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Example 1

“I chose to study marketing because of the broad choice of future career options the discipline offers. Both advertising and marketing are huge industries that offer graduates many long term employment opportunities. My ambition is to join this industry and the first step towards doing that is to enrol at a leading university and on a degree course that will enhance my learning experience and provide me with an insight into the broader industry environment both locally and internationally.

Before college I had not studied marketing so for me the subject was very new and fresh. Once I started my course I found it to be a very interesting topic that broadened my horizons, enhanced my personality and taught me core business theories related to contemporary marketing concepts and principles. During the course I was actively involved in many projects and took a lead role in developing sales strategies right from conception through to planning, executing and conclusion.

With my curiosity in this dynamic and fascinating field awakened I was keen to learn more and in my spare time started to read industry publications, watch TV adverts and research academic sources all to gain more understanding of the latest marketing techniques. Everything makes much more sense when you see it in practise and so to gain even further relevant experience I worked temporarily for a media agency that was based in Birmingham. This experience has allowed me to understand some of the more critical issues in marketing including how to identify problems, analyse situations and formulate appropriate strategies that deliver the best value for money regarding advertising spend.

I see myself as a competitive person and as a individual I am constantly challenging myself to learn new business knowledge. Through my academic experiences so far I have learnt so much about myself and right now I feel prepared and confident enough to enrol on a marketing degree.

After much research looking for a reputable university I decided to apply for the Marketing Degree at your university because I was so impressed by the overall package you offer. On a visit to your campus I was also very taken in by the top class facilities that I found and by the reputation of your lecturers who are known to be highly-skilled, dedicated and passionate.”


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