Marketing planning is one of many modules which are part of the business management degree enlisted by universities. There are two assignments to this module in report format. This module tests the student’s ability to discuss the roles of various stages within the marketing planning process and their inter-links leading to the creation of an effective written marketing plan.  In addition, a student’s approach to developing an appropriate method of monitoring, implementation and control system for a marketing plan which include identifying the required success measurements are also challenged as the assignments which are set out, all require these key skills in order to progress through the 3 levels within the degree.
In relation to the learning outcomes, the assessment criteria involved within this module consist of many different aspects such as:

  • The relevance and outcomes of the methods used for analysing the marketing environments.
  • The extent of understanding the relationship between corporate objectives, business objectives and marketing objectives.
  • Effectiveness of the proposed segmentation, targeting and positioning within the marketing plan for the success of the chosen brand/product.
  • The appropriateness of the planned integrated marketing mix tools to the development of the chosen brand/product.
  • The extent of addressing all sections of the marketing plan including controls and budgets.
  • Communicate effectively: report writing skill, including report presentation.

When carrying out this report it is also crucial that you abide by the university’s regulations and checklist.  These checks include:

Writing the report in third person, using 1.5 or double line space, Arial font style and 12 point font size, using a maximum of 4000 words for the report. In addition, you must ensure the report is not over by 10% and not under by 10% which is 400 words.  You must also append any photocopies of data, statistics and information you used in your report.

The type of construction required form the reports should consist of a clear structure to your report, an executive summary to your report, you must concluded by summarising your argument and ensuring the report is well presented in terms of layout, fonts, and spacing.

Intellectual argument
You must support your analysis with appropriate evidence and ensure any arguments are clear and structured.

Source materials
The materials you have used must be properly acknowledged in your work, your work must also clearly identify author names, dates and page numbers as specified in the Harvard system standards,  all your references must be traced to your bibliography and  preparing the bibliography to Harvard system standards.

Ensuring all these requirements and regulations are met you shoul progress to the highest grade offered by the university for this Module.


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