Example 1

“There’s a lot more to maths than what people think, for a start its in many of the things around us, meaning that a understanding of it will always be needed. At school I was always good at maths and found it to be a challenging subject that mentally woke me up. I was also attracted to it by the long list of possible careers available to you if you have a maths degree, potential fields include; statistics, cryptography, teaching and computer science. I firmly believe that having this qualification under my belt is something that in the future will make me stand out from other prospective applicants when applying for a job. Its primarily because of all of these reasons that I want to continue studying it at a higher level.

Although algebra is by far my most favourite module and is the area of maths that I am most keen to work in, I also want to learn how maths is used in real life situations and look at the practical applications of mathematics. I’m particularly interested in discovering the extensive use of maths used in the financial world and banking systems.

Mathematicians have a passion for what they do and tend to inhabit a close knit community. To me this has its advantages, for if you are surrounded by eager like minded people then its almost inevitable that some of their enthusiasm will rub off on you. Learning together as part of a group and trying to help each other out during the course is just as important as studying on your own. Its possible to learn from other students as well as lecturers!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at college and the maths department played a big part in that. The staff were first rate teachers and the resources were fantastic, all of this coupled with small class sizes and a supportive atmosphere also helped improve my transferable skills such as problem solving, logical thinking and carrying out research. I left college with my love for mathematics still intact and an ability to think about things in a different way.

Although algebra is by far my most favourite module and is the area of maths that I am most keen to work in, I also want to learn how maths is used in real life situations and study the practical applications of mathematics. I’m eager to uncover the vital, often unseen role it plays in many aspects of modern life, for example commerce, engineering and the sciences.

On a personal level I feel that I now have the required direction, confidence, motivation to enrol at university. I am looking to join a maths degree course where lecturers will focus on the importance of maths and are willing to go over things until a student understands them.

Maths at your university seems to have a lot of flexibility throughout most of the programmes, allowing students to choose modules which they are really interested in. It was this along with your universities great professional placement scheme that helped me make up my mind and apply to your university. Other points that appealed to me about your institution include the relaxed atmosphere it has which I feel will make it easier for me to make friends and adjust to living away from home. All in all I feel that your course will give me a excellent platform to launch my career from and prepare me socially, academically and professionally for the big world.”


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