As a disabled person whenever you make an application for any benefits you feel you are entitled to then there is a good chance that you will be required to undergo a medical assessment.

The medical examination will be arranged by your adviser or a healthcare professional and you will typically be seen by a doctor. They will then compile a report and send it off to the Department for Work and Pensions for them to consider in their decision making process.

How to prepare for a medical assessment
It is important that you prepare in detail prior to attending any examination appointment.

Firstly you should note down on a piece of paper all of the daily household activities that you cannot do or have difficulty doing because of your disability or illness.

Secondly make a list of any disability aids that you have to use to get around the house or to assist you in your daily chores.

Then list off the ways in which you are inhibited from looking for work, or if you are employed the work related tasks you cannot due to your disability.

You can ask for a same sex healthcare professional if you feel more comfortable with that, make sure you request this before you attend your appointment. When attending the clinic or examination centre make sure that you take along the appointment letter and also up to three documents of identification, one of which should include a current photograph of you.

What happens during the medical assessment
Always remember that the doctor examining you is there to assess how your condition affects your daily life. It is up to you to point out to them your problems or things they might have missed. Sometimes during examinations they may ask to carry out a physical examination of you. They may also ask you to perform certain tasks, to see how well you can do them.

You will also be asked about your medical history and also work experiences etc.

Once it is over a report will then be compiled and sent to the DWP and other relevant departments and officials. At a later date you can request to see a copy of the report.


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