This page is about helping you write and create your CV in MS Word. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of doing this and also get links to professionally written and editable Microsoft Word CV samples. All the linked CVs are fully developed and already contain content, headers, paragraphs and fonts.

It is important to remember that how you format and structure your CV is a significant decision to make. A well polished resume can greatly impact the way a recruiter views your overall work experience and knowledge. There are a number of formats that you can choose from to create a CV in, the main ones being PDF, Microsoft Word, Rich Text format and HTML.

Below are links to readymade CVs in Microsoft Word format that our career experts have already developed. They will help you gain confidence in your CV by giving you excellent tips and ideas on how to write a interview winning CV that you can use to apply for a multitude of jobs. They can be tailored for promotions, career changes and returning to work after a long break. Use them and take the hard work out of creating your latest and greatest resume.

It is not advisable to write exact carbon copies of the MS Word template examples on this page. Instead use them as guides to target your resume and make it as job specific as possible.

PDF CV template examples:- 

Database Administrator Microsoft Word CV template

Financial Analyst Microsoft Word CV template

The advantages of writing your CV in Microsoft Word

  • You can utilize the many free curriculum vitae templates already installed MS Word.
  • It is a easy to create your own interview winning CV template.
  • You do not require any special training or knowledge to use MS Word.
  • Because of it’s simplicity you can update and amend your CV as many times as you want. This helps keeping it up to date a lot less hassle free.
  • It contains the most popular texts, columns, styles, graphics, images, fonts, heading and typefaces.
  • If you need help you can click the help wizard to show you a foolproof way of writing your CV.
  • You do not need to download and install any special software.
  • As it is so widely used virtually no recruiter will have trouble opening it.

The latest version of MS Word contains a PDF export function that allows your to convert your CV into a PDF document directly, instantly and accurately.

Access CV templates within Microsoft Word 2003 and 2007
There are literally dozens of free basic resumes that have been built into various Microsoft Office packages. Most of these are stored online at the Microsoft Office website so you will need to be connected to the internet to view these.

MS Word 2007
Here is how to open a CV template Word 2007:
Open a new Word document
Click on File (top left hand corner)
Click new
A menu bar will open on the left hand side of the page with a list of links.
Scroll down it and click “Resumes and CVs”
Select the one you want and then click download.

MS Word 2003
Do the following to view the CV templates that are already exist in Microsoft Word 2003:
Open a new Word document.
Click on File (top left hand corner)
Click new
A menu bar will open on he right hand side of your screen.
You will see a menu that says ‘Templates’, navigate the options below to find the one suitable for you or click on the ‘Template Wizard’ for guidance. Some of the templates may be hosted on Microsoft Office Online so you may be directed to their site.

Microsoft Office Wizard
If you get stuck in Word 2003 then use the resume wizard template. To open the wizard follow this procedure:
File menu and click New – The New Document task pane will open up – Click On My Computer to open the Templates dialog – Go to the Other Documents tab and double click Resume Wizard.

What is Rich text format?
This is often abbreviated as RTF is a document file format created by Microsoft. It can be opened, read and edited by numerous (but not all) word processors and text processing applications. It’s very easy to convert a standard Word document to a rtf one. Here’s how you do it:

  • Open a new Word document.
  • Go to file and click ‘Save As’
  • Choose ‘Rich Text Format’ from the dropdown menu you are offered.


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