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Example 1

“I have chosen to study music technology because I believe that music is something that plays an important part in the fabric of our society and in human culture. To me music can be an expression of a persons emotion at a particular moment in time or a interpretation of their feelings i.e.  romance, love, anger and patriotism.

From a young age it has been a prominent part of my life and I have gained much enjoyment from playing musical instruments and experimenting with the latest technologies. This passion was reinforced within me at college where the teaching was inspirational and the practise very much hands on. I became involved in a college band and started dabbling in music analysis, song writing, audio engineering and designing sound.  All of these experiences left a lasting impression on my mind and inspired me to seek a career in the music and media scene. At the end of my college studies I am proud to claim that I achieved high academic grades and distinctions for the musical research side of my studies.

I consider myself to be a proactive individual who is eager to learn more about music and to thereby progress academically towards my career goals. I want to study those areas of music that I am most enthusiastic about, in particular; history, performance and composition. It is for these reasons that I have submitted my application to your institution. For me one of the best things about studying music technology at university will be the fact I will get to be around people who have similar musical tastes and interests as myself. This will allow me to feed of their knowledge and experience and give me an opportunity to hear different styles and also broaden my horizon.

With all this devotion for music inside me it was only natural that I decided to pursue a career as a professional musician with specialist knowledge of the latest technologies. I am pleased to say that after researching all my career options I quickly saw that this is a rapidly expanding field that offers a multitude of employment opportunities in the recording and broadcasting industries.

Right now I’m looking to start my musical ambitions by going on a music technology course that covers all aspects of the subject and that will widen my academic skills. I want to enrol at a university where the lectures are full of information and where you feel you have learnt something every time you leave one. The academic modules should prepare me for the way of thinking that is needed for academic research, employment or even possible future postgraduate studies.

I have decided to enrol at your university because it’s one of the few academic institutions that focuses exclusively on music technology.  On a visit to your campus I found your staff to be very friendly, approachable and helpful in explaining to me in detail the advantages of your course. In closing I would like to say that I very much hope to be offered a place at your renowned institution and look forward to the day when I enrol on your course.”


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