This is a national centre of excellence training institution providing a educational resource for public servants and also government and local authority departments, on issues like organisational development. In the past the national school of government was known as the Civil Service College, in 2007 it became a government department.

It is essentially known as a business school whose specialty is the public service, their aim is to help improve standards of efficiency by providing a consultancy service to civil servants. Their operational staff and tutors include professionals and academics from all fields ready to give the best career development advice to those employed in public sector jobs.

They also work in partnership with many universities, training providers and private companies to ensure they deliver the best service possible to their students. This means that they can offer qualifications in partnership with other educational institutions. They provide courses in personal development, strategic leadership and professional skills for government just to name a few. Their courses are open to all comers from administrative staff to senior managers.

They regularly help and advise government ministers on the best and most efficient way to deliver government policies. They do this through research of existing public sector organizations as well as looking at innovations.

They have their own locations, the best well known one being the Sunningdale Institute which is located in Ascot, other offices are located in London and Scotland.

For further information contact:

National School of Government
Larch Avenue
Telephone: 01344 634000