Use Dayjob’s professionally developed CV templates to create one !

We have been offering career advice since 2004. Over the years we have had contact with many of the biggest recruiters in the country, giving us a good idea of what they all look for in a resume.

Our experience has enabled us to see the recruitment industry from both the recruiters and job seekers prospective. It is this had enabled us to develop a very popular and successful CV guidance service to job seekers.


Why is a well written and designed CV so important?

  • Its your first chance to communicate directly with a recruiter and decision maker, so its imperative it quickly shows your strengths and skills.
  • It’s your only route to getting invited to a interview. by having a professionally written CV you are more likely to grab their attention and impress them.
  • Your CV is a marketing tool for you to sell yourself to employers, it’s a very important document, so should be written to the highest standards.

Why your CV must be different and STAND OUT

  • Remember a recruiter typically has to go through up to dozens if not hundreds of CV’s for each job vacancy. Many of these applications are from highly qualified candidates who are evenly matched in skills and qualifications.
  • Research has shown that due to the volume of job applications they receive employers typically have only 2 minutes to skim through a CV, predictably most are discarded within 1 minute of being looked at.

Reasons to use dayjob’s free and professional CV pages

  • Our company has many years of CV writing experience and offering career advice.
  • By having a professional CV written you can maximize your chances of being invited to a interview.
  • Over the years we have had contact with 100’s of recruiters and HR departments and know exactly what they look for in a CV.
  • We see hundreds of CV applications many with a covering letter every week, and this experience has know which types of CV’s get interviews and which ones don’t.
  • We have developed a range of professional looking CV templates that have been very successful and have been used by 1000’s of candidates.
  • Find useful advice on questions like:– Should you include your photo with your CV?
    – Should you explain why you left your previous jobs?
    – Should you mention what salary you expect?
    – How do you explain gaps in your career, i.e. career breaks etc?

CV tips on how to strengthen your resume: 

  • Constantly review your entire CV and re-write those areas you feel will make it stronger.
  • Ensure your skill sets, strengths and qualities stand out.
  • Personal profile – develop a expertly written personal profile suited to your industry of no more than 300 words broken up into easy to read paragraphs.
  • Keywords –  research your industry and inset and highlight those your abilities and experience.
  • Layout – we have many different CV templates with superb layouts, including coloured ones designed to show creativity and originality. Use these to get your own ideas.
  • Spelling – check the spelling and grammar of all the text, if a employer spots any mistakes they are likely to bin a CV immediately.
  • Length – keep your CV to no more than 2 pages.
  • Concise – screen out irrelevant information & keep it punchy and to the point.
  • Fonts – select and use a tried and tested easy to read text font.

Our site attracts on average more than 40,000 unique visitors every day. Our career advice service has considerable experience in assisting and supporting job seekers in writing a CV template that highlights their key skill sets in a targeted manner.

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When it comes to your CV, size matters.

The shorter the better.


Recruiters don’t have the time to read lengthy CVs.

In a CV less is more