The new deal for disabled people which is also known as the NDDP is a programme provided by the government through its departments giving help and support to disabled people who are out of work and are looking for employment. The new deal provides a range of practical services for those who have a long-term illness in helping them find a job and get back to work.

If you are a job seeker the new deal ca help you in many practical ways like giving you information on training programmes to improve your skills, or helping to write out a detailed and professional looking CV. As well as helping to improve your interview skills. They can also receive advice on any disabled benefits you may be entitles to even when you are working.

To be able to get assistance from the new deal for disabled people project you must be able to show that you have a disability or are incapacitated through a long term illness or injury. You can do this by showing that you are getting benefits like Income Support, Disability Living Allowance or Incapacity Benefit etc.

To get more information about the new deal simple go along to your local jobcentre, and make an appointment to see the job broker there. These are specially trained individuals whose job it is to help you find work. They will review your employment experience, qualifications and also skill sets and then help you in applying for relevant disability jobs within the public sector or with private sector employers.
They can help you deal with and tackle disability discrimination in the workplace , as well as find suitable accommodation close to any future workplace by putting you in touch with disabled housing associations.