Christine Graham
Hiring Manager
Dayjob Ltd
120 Vyse Street
B18 6NF

10th May 2015


Dear Ms Graham,

I would like to propose my candidacy for your position of Nurse Practitioner which I saw advertised yesterday on the website.

My ability to recognise the difference between a patients needs and their wants, makes me a perfect candidate for your position. I have all of the clinical decision-making and patient care skills that are critical to the successful execution of your role. In particular I want to draw your attention to my unique ability to;

  • Help a practice operate in the most cost-effective manner possible.
  • Promote the best interests of fellow staff members and the patients that I care for.
  • Ensure quality, efficiency, and excellence in any work environment where I am based.

Everything that I have done in my career to date has been for the ultimate benefit of those I look after. It is for this reason that I can come to you with a long list of excellent references from my previous employers. All of the medical establishments where I have been previously employed have been very happy with my work and I am confident that I can bring the same level of performance to your operations.

What I would really like now is to join an organisation that provides clear expectations and direction so its staff know their precise roles and accountabilities.

If you find me to be a suitable person for your position then do not hesitate to contact me by phone, letter or email.

Thank you very much for accepting, reviewing and hopefully responding to my application.

Yours sincerely,

Address 1
Address 2
Tel: 0044 121 638 0026



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