In a effort to try to help the public sector and central government to improve delivery of better facilities to disabled people, the office for disability issues was set up. One of its key objectives is to ensure that by 2025 anyone with a disability will have the same opportunities in their work and social life as the rest of the United Kingdom’s population. These points are important as it is estimated that up to 1 in 5 of the adults in the UK have a form of disability.

Having a vision of trying to bring equality and an end to discrimination against disabled people, and improve their life chances within local government and the public service is fundamental to the ODI mission statement. As well as offering guidance and being a source of advice and information to senior managers and public sector workers.

The office for disability issues has its own strategy unit which produced after much consultation with disability rights groups a report called ‘Improving the Life Chances of Disabled People’. The document highlights targets and challenges and disadvantages that those with disabilities need to overcome. The report has a programme of action and believes that people from all sections of British social life have a part to play in helping to tackle prejudice.

Activities like shopping, applying for disability jobs or going to the cinema are everyday tasks for ordinary people, but a disabled person can face many difficulties. Overcoming these and the attitudes of certain people will be a long and uphill struggle.

The ODI works with stakeholders like advisory groups, equality organizations and the Minister for Disabled People to set common goals for development and improvement in services to disabled people.

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Office for Disability Issues
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