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Office Skills test multiple choice questions 

Question 1
An Open-Plan Office Layout is when;

A.     Each employee has their own separate office.
B.     There is a maximum of two employees per office.
C.     All employees work on the same floor and in the same open space.
D.     There is a cubicle layout of office floor.


Question 2
MS Outlook is used to;

A.     Create spreadsheets.
B.     Write letters and documents.
C.     Develop marketing material.
D.     Write, organise, store, send and receive emails.


Question 3
What do the initials PA stand for:

A.     Private Assistant
B.     Permanent Assistant
C.     Personal Assistant
D.     Police Assistant


Question 4
What is the amount owed by a business if it receives 2.5% discount on an invoice for £2500?

A.     £62.5
B.     £710
C.     £1021
D.     £2010


Question 5
A photocopying machine is used to;

A.     Glue pieces of paper together.
B.     Produce multiple or single paper copies of a document.
C.     Produce books.
D.     Staple pieces of paper together.


Question 6
A Co-Working Office Layout is;

A.     Where workers from different companies share the same office.
B.     Employees of the same company work on the same floor and in the same open space.
C.     Workers have their own individual designated eating place.
D.     Employees and senior managers share the same office.


Question 7
What is the main role of a Office Manager?

A.     To close the office at the end of the day.
B.     They ensure that various office operations run smoothly on a day-to-day basis.
C.     Organising staff leaving parties.
D.     Ensuring the staff kitchen is well stocked.


Question 8
A good office junior should be able to;

A.     Competently handle administrative requests from members of the office team.
B.     Make the tea and coffee.
C.     Open the office in the morning.
D.     Run errands to the local shops.


Question 9
The purpose of a shredder is to;

A.     Cut sheets of paper into two pieces.
B.     Cut sheets of paper into thin strips or fine particles.
C.     Glue pieces of paper together.
D.     Shred cardboard into small pieces.


Question 10
Staff calendars are used to;

A.     Only plan holidays.
B.     Organise staff by planning their days, weeks, months and year in advance.
C.     Make the office look professional.
D.     Record computer passwords.


Question 11
What are the 3 types of office filing systems? 

A.     Alphabetical, numeric and alphanumeric.
B.     Numeric, photo based and lateral.
C.     Alphabetical, folder based and dates.
D.     Geographical, chronological and numeric.


Question 12
A Lateral filing system is;

A.     Filing by Subject and Category.
B.     Filing by Numbers and Numerical order.
C.     When papers are added from the side of the file and the ID tab is on the side of the file.
D.     Filing by Places and Geographical order.


Question 13
Which of the following is correct;

A.     A contemporary secretary needs more skills than in the past.
B.     A contemporary secretary needs fewer skills than in the past
C.     A contemporary secretary needs the same skills as in the past
D.     A contemporary secretary does not need shorthand.


Question 14
Which of the following storage systems would be most suitable to store the details of 1000 clients;

A.     Microfilm
B.     Paper based filing system
C.     Electronic database
D.     Scanned records


Question 15
What type of office mail requires proof of delivery?

A.     Express Post
B.     International post
C.     Email
D.     Registered post



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