Counselling courses will train and equip you with the skills needed to become a responsible and effective professional who can help others to cope with their problems. You will learn how to make a positive difference to people’s lives, by supporting them in their times of need. Programs will train students to become highly skilled counselors, who can offer a compassionate service and who are focused on serving the needs of their clients.

These days not everyone can attend a bricks and mortar university for a few hours of lectures. More and more students are turning to online and distance learning programmes to achieve their academic requirements. The rise in popularity of web based learning is solely down to the advent of the internet, and a huge increase in the quality of online study resources. You can now get everything on your computer screen that you would get in a traditional campus based classroom. Many of the barriers that may have kept people away from university courses in the past, have now all been eliminated by the Internet. Distance learning gives you the opportunity to do coursework at your own pace and convenience. This in turn means that you have much more time to comprehensively learn the lessons being taught.

Online counseling degree overview

Counselling is a demanding profession which requires strong self awareness, significant knowledge of theory, and a real insight into other people concerns and problems.

On a course you will build a good understanding of the application of theory to practice, and gain extensive knowledge of current mental health issues and psycho-pathology. In a rigorous academic environment you will improve any natural talent you have. You’ll discover how to help your clients make positive life choices, and be there to help them cope with issues like; family conflict, depression, abuse and substance problems. You’ll be taught how to recognise and evaluate potentially harmful behaviour by developing, building and maintaining a close relationship with people under your care.

Everything is done online, including asking questions and handing in assignments, both of which are done via email. Coursework assessment is done through presentations, assignments, individual projects, and written reports. Tutors will try to ascertain that you have the required qualities such as openness to experience, a non-judgemental attitude, and the ability to work in a emotionally stressful environment. Tutors will look for evidence that you have learnt from the course, and that you are able to function professionally in relation to others. They want to see that you have come to understand how other people function.

Typical modules and subjects that can be taught on an online counseling degree

  • Advanced Counselling Skills
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Communication and Counselling Skills
  • Counselling tools
  • Introduction to Counselling
  • Introduction to Research Methods
  • Health & Well Being
  • Health/social care
  • Mental health and other factors
  • Professional conduct
  • Personal Development.
  • Person Centered Therapy
  • Psychology
  • Working with Diversity

Students will learn how to

  • Balance being logical and firm with a sympathetic attitude.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Point and influence clients in the right direction.
  • Apply your counselling skills in various situations.
  • Work with children and young people.

Students will learn about

  • The best strategies and practices for providing care.
  • Counselling theories and practices.
  • Human growth and emotional development.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Mental health issues.
  • Analytical and reflective thinking skills.
  • Professional Issues for Counselling Practitioners.

What to look for in a counselling course
Training to become a counsellor is a big commitment on more than one level. It’s therefore vital that you do as much research into all your options before you enrol on an online course. A key point to investigate is to find out whether a counselling programme is accredited and legitimate. Accreditation means that the online academic institution will teach a curriculum that meets all professional, national and regulatory standards.

About this page
This is a resource page that will give you useful information about what you can expect to learn on an accredited online counseling degree course. It also lists links to a selection of popular and relevant online degrees that are run by established US and UK universities. We have focused on these two countries because at present most English language online courses are run by academic institutions based in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Through the links on this page you will find out about the:
Admission requirements
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Enrolment dates
Financial aid available to students


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