Qualified engineers are not only in great demand in numerous fields all over the World, they are also amongst some of the best-paid professionals around. As professionals they are involved in constructing almost everything that surrounds us in a modern society, this ranges from assisting with the design of computers, right through to contributing to the manufacture of cars and building aircraft.

Enrolling on a course can be a superb investment for your future. It’s a subject that offers highly rewarding career opportunities to those interested in new innovations and making things compatible for human use. Apart from gaining a academic qualification you will also get a chance to explore the different areas of engineering, and on top of this learn all the skills needed to not only enter, but also stay competitive in this fast evolving sector.

Online engineering degree

Online degree courses offer world-class teaching from experienced tutors, many of whom will have themselves worked as engineers in the past. Students will join a global learning community where they will never feel alone, and where they will learn at a pace that works for them. One of the ways they will do this is by taking part in live, interactive sessions that lets them communicate with instructors and fellow students. Modules will feature hands-on tasks and real-world applications that will allow students to put theory in practise. It’s also worth noting that as e-learning technology develops some universities now allow students to perform exercises using remote labs and simulation software. For those in a hurry, accelerated programs are also available, allowing students to study on a fast track and complete the degree program quicker than normal.

Receiving an online education from any of the top-ranked universities listed on this page can be your passport to a very rewarding career. Launching a career and becoming an engineer through a innovative e-learning course is a lot easier that it used to be. Whether you’re a complete novice with no real life experience or a seasoned professional with years of experience behind them, an online flexible and convenient engineering course can help you meet all your career goals.

Career opportunities for engineering graduates
Graduates can find employment as engineers in fields such as construction, manufacturing or scientific facilities. Having said that many others do not enter engineering at all, and instead go into unrelated areas such as management or administration. As a universal discipline, it’s also common to find engineers working in foreign countries.

Typical modules and subjects taught on a distance learning engineering course

  • Construction planning
  • Civil engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Engineering Materials
  • Engineering Management
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Materials and Structures
  • Pavement Design
  • Sustainable Construction Methods
  • Systems engineering
  • Structural Analysis
  • Surveying

Engineering students will learn how to

  • Apply scientific and mathematical principles to engineering.
  • Perform technical tasks and various research support functions.
  • Improve engineering processes and remove bottlenecks.
  • Ensure that buildings, bridges, and other roads are structurally sound.
  • Develop industrial robots.
  • Calculate the economic costs and benefits of any engineering project.
  • Solve a problem using any available knowledge to come up with and implement a solution.
  • Work to financial constraints.

About this page
This is a resource page that will give you basic information about what you can expect to learn on an accredited online engineering degree course. It will also give you links to established US and UK universities that run these courses, this is because at present it is the United States of America and the United Kingdom where most English language Internet courses are run from. Through the links on this page you will find out about the:
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Financial aid available to students


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