These courses are available through online learning, and will give students a comprehensive understanding of Geography. It’s an exciting and diverse course that looks at the relationship between the environment, people and places. You will learn about the chemical, physical and biological aspects of the Earths system, and how all of these interact with each other. There is much emphasis on career development and applied skills, which allows you to specialise in particular areas of geography.

The program examines the planet’s surface and environment, and studies how it is affected by both humans and nature. It investigates and answers questions relating to geographic concepts and issues such as climate change, ocean temperatures and other important environmental issues of the day.

Students will develop a comprehensive knowledge of the core subjects of Geography. This can include the Earths landscape, how humans affect the environment, social sciences, and conservation. Modules are well rounded and tend to overlap with other related fields.

Online geography degree overview

All courses are modular, with a combination of mandatory modules, plus a variety of optional subjects that you can choose. Coursework is assessed through short online tests, essays, laboratory reports and written presentations.

You will research the physical and social and physical processes that have helped to mould the present world. It is a versatile and stimulating subject that can answer many searching questions about our planet and how it is evolving. You get to explore some of the most challenging questions regarding Earths physical environment, and will have an opportunity to examine issues such as climate change, natural disasters, flooding and urban regeneration.

On a course you will be guided and taught by experienced lecturers who are specialists in their respective fields, all of them will be very knowledgeable and passionate about their subject areas. These tutors will be excellent points of contact for you, and will always be easily contactable via email or telephone.

Typical modules and subjects that can be taught on an online geography degree

  • Climatology
  • Climate Change
  • Coastal Geography
  • Earth Resources
  • Earth Surface Environments
  • Economic Geography
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Planning
  • Environmental Systems
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Glaciology
  • Glaciers and Landscape
  • Global Ecology
  • Green Politics
  • Historical Geography
  • Human Geography
  • Introduction to Meteorology
  • Introducing the Oceans
  • Introductory Research Skills
  • Landscape Evolution (Geomorphology)
  • Map Analysis
  • Marine Environments
  • Natural Hazards
  • Oceanography
  • Physical Geography
  • Polar Environments
  • Pollution and Environment
  • Regional Geography
  • River System Dynamics
  • Soil Types
  • Soil Quality and Protection
  • Statistical Techniques
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Sustainable Water Management
  • Urban Geography
  • Volcanic Activity
  • Weather Analysis
  • Weather Systems
  • Students will learn how to
  • Analyse geographical data.
  • Collect information from field trips.
  • Identify important geographical issues.
  • Undertake geographical research.
  • Write and present research for diverse audiences.

Students will learn about

  • The processes that structure our environment and the natural world.
  • The most pressing environmental problems facing the planet.
  • The impacts of environmental change, climate, sea level and general pollution on the worlds oceans.

Career prospects and roles for geography graduates
Apart from laying down a firm foundation for further education, these programs can also help you to pursue and gain employment in a wide range of sectors. Once you graduate you will be able to apply for jobs where you can use your knowledge to solve various environmental, social and regional problems. You will develop the kinds of transferable skills that prospective employers value, in areas such as communicating, problem solving, data handling and analysis.

Jobs where there is a demand for geography graduates include; urban and regional planners, cartographers, GIS analysts, environmental consultants, transportation planners and teachers.

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