There is always going to be a need for highly capable and qualified managers to operate and coordinate complex medical facilities. Healthcare management is a exciting and dynamic field that is evolving fast due to issues like; rapidly changing demographics, medical advancements, and increasing competition.

These courses are suitable for people who want to make a real different to the world of healthcare, and who are keen to learn skills that they can immediately apply to a workplace. It will lay the foundation for a successful career in one of the fastest and largest growing industries in the world. It’s an ideal program for those who are passionate about the provision of care and who want to effectively serve medical patients. Course content is rooted in current best practice, and graduates will leave a course with the confidence and competence required to make decisions, and solve problems relating to healthcare delivery and design.

Online healthcare management degree overview

All of the core modules are available through online learning. You will be taught via a vibrant web based environment, and by lecturers who will more than likely have real life healthcare management experience.

As a student you will learn about the healthcare processes and the best management techniques needed to improve the delivery of services to patients. Although the program is geared toward students who want to pursue active careers in health care fields, it is also suitable for those who who want to lay the foundation for future academic studies. It will give you a high-quality, career focused and vocational education, which will fully qualify to be a future executive, clinician or manager in the medical sector. You will become a talented individual who will play an important part in the lives of people by improving the quality of care given to them.

Typical modules and subjects that can be taught on an online healthcare management degree

  • Change Management
  • Efficient cost control
  • Employment and Labor Law
  • Financial Management
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Healthcare Law
  • Healthcare Leadership
  • Healthcare management
  • Health Care Quality Management
  • Health Care Economics
  • Health Care Law
  • Health Care Risk Management
  • Medical Administration
  • Organisational Behaviour in Healthcare
  • Planning and Policy Management
  • Research Methods
  • Staff management
  • Strategic Management
  • Training and Development

Students will learn how to

  • Use research and analytical techniques to evaluate and then develop effective and efficient healthcare policies.
  • Use data and statistics to make informed decisions.
  • Undertake academic research in partnership with other students, senior researchers and professors.
  • Managing and developing people and services.
  • Managing change and innovation.
  • Influence policy decisions.

Students will learn about

  • The core management concepts in healthcare organizations and environments.
  • Different healthcare treatments.
  • Regulations for patient privacy.
  • The contemporary issues at the centre of modern healthcare systems.
  • The administrative and managerial demands of a modern health system.
  • Proven business management strategies.

Career prospects and roles for healthcare management graduates
The course will give you a competitive edge in the workplace, and make you a much better candidate for senior poistions. It prepares you for a wide range of career options in settings such as;

  • Clinics
  • Community-based health agencies
  • Government regulatory agencies
  • Health insurance companies
  • Healthcare associations
  • Hospitals
  • Medical equipment companies
  • Nursing homes
  • Physician practices
  • Public health departments
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Social services
  • Universities and research institutions

About this page
This is a resource page that will give you useful information about what you can expect to learn on an accredited online healthcare management degree course. It also lists links to a selection of popular and relevant online degrees that are run by established US universities. We have focused on North America because at present most English language online courses are run by academic institutions based in the United States of America. Through the links on this page you will find out about the:
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Course costs
Course length
Enrolment dates
Financial aid available to students


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