This is a practice based and innovative degree that will basically show you how to develop the space in which people live and work.

As a student you will not only gain a comprehensive understanding of the responsibilities and duties of an interior designer, but will also gain the confidence, knowledge and qualifications necessary to pursue a professional career as one. At the end of a course you will have a comprehensive understanding of the interior design industry, and be well on the way to becoming an effective professional with strong creative skills.

You will learn how to spot new trends, and improve existing buildings and spaces in exciting ways. Programs tend to focus on places where people live, work and play, such as homes, shops, restaurants, airports, and hotels. Upon graduation you will have gained a comprehensive understanding of interior spaces and their uses, and will appreciate the forces and technologies that influence contemporary interior designs.

Programmes tend to cover both domestic and commercial interior design, with all course content directly relevant to industry requirements.

Online interior design degree overview

The course is delivered through a series of online modules. It is a broad program that allows for personal choice and individual development, its flexibility also means that it can be studied at your own pace. You will be taught by specialist tutors who will support you from enrollment right through to graduation, with guidance, expert advice, and feedback.

Modules tend to be self contained and have their own individual assessment. Continuous assessment tends to be project orientated, and is done through a combination of visual, and written assignments that includes essays, online tests and project work.

As a student you will be expected to engage in independent study and encouraged to delve deeper into areas of particular interest to you. Collaboration with related professionals such as fashion designers, artists, and sculptors is encouraged. Courses will be responsive to your needs, and you will be taught in a supportive environment where you will be pushed to build your own unique style.

At the end of your course you will have created a portfolio of your finest work that you can use to impress prospective employers with.

Typical modules and subjects that can be taught on an online interior design degree

  • Art and Design
  • Building Construction
  • Building Materials
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Contemporary Practice
  • Creative Lighting
  • Design History
  • Design Identity
  • Design Management
  • Design Methods
  • Design Journalism
  • Drawing
  • Exhibition Design
  • Furniture and furnishings
  • Interior Design Principles
  • Interior Design Projects
  • Interior Design Synergy
  • Interior Furnishing
  • Model Making
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Professional Practice
  • Project Management
  • Residential Interiors Design
  • Show Home Design
  • Space Planning
  • Sustainability
  • Visualisation

Students will learn how to

  • Maximise the potential of space.
  • Enhance the quality of buildings and space.
  • Develop three dimensional conceptual designs.
  • Create exciting interior spaces.
  • Use specialist drawing boards, Adobe Illustrator, CAD stations, Adobe Photoshop, large-format scanners and digital cameras.
  • Reuse space for new and different functions.
  • Use technology to solve design problems.
  • Develop a strong client focus.

Students will learn about

  • Specialist industry relevant software.
  • The structure and fabric of buildings.
  • Both residential and commercial architectural concepts and principles.
  • The detailing and construction of space.
  • The very latest tools for prototyping and designing.
  • The way space affects our lives.
  • How people use space.
  • The environmental impact of designs.
  • Green materials and sustainable technologies.

Career prospects and roles for interior design graduates
Career wise this course can open up many doors for you. In a fast growing industry like design, employment opportunities exist in fields such as; design practice, entertainment, applied arts, design management, the media and education. You will be qualified to apply for interior designer jobs with design and architectural firms, in roles such as design consultants, retail designers, and exhibition display designers.

Graduates who want to continue their academic studies will be fully equipped to proceed with further postgraduate study.

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