Philosophy has had a major impact on the development of our society and political systems. It is a field that is central to human though, and one which will challenge you intellectually. As a subject it is divided into various sub-fields, all of them relating and interacting with each other. Apart from a certain number of core modules that must be taken, students are given the freedom to choose topics of their choice.

This programs main aim is to give students a degree level education in the various areas of philosophy. Under the guidance of experienced tutors you will be taught how to think through problems, and consider issues such as who we are, and what we mean to the world around us. You will engage the work of great philosophical minds by not just studying what they thought, but also by looking at their work critically. A large part of the course will involve researching, studying and then drawing conclusions about what other people and philosophers have written. It will lay the ground for your future professional and personal success. You will graduate with the skills necessary for a successful career in any number of fields. Apart from helping you to stand out in the jobs market, it can also be used as a stepping stone to pursue further masters or doctoral studies.

The course is suitable for anyone who has an inquisitive nature, and who wants to find out more about some of the most fundamental philosophical questions ever asked. It is a subject that requires clarity of thought, and flexibility of mind.

Online philosophy degree overview

These days many employers see little distinction between a degree earned online and one earned at a physical university. This fact has lead to a rise in the number of universities offering quality distance learning courses, and correspondingly a increase in the number of students enrolling on courses. Another attraction for students is the flexibility of an online course, which allows people to plan their studying so that it fits around their lifestyle. This makes it an ideal solution for working professionals who want to return to education.

By their very nature distance learning courses encourage independent study, meaning that students have to take responsibility for their own learning.

You will learn through a virtual campus that has online chat rooms, training materials and a web based system for delivering lessons. Lecture and class recordings will be available online for you to view repeatedly, and at times of your choosing. Assessment is typically done through online assignments, essays, and literature reviews. On a program of study you will be put to ease by friendly lecturers who are not only dedicated and enthusiastic, but who are also committed to your leaning and development.

Typical modules and subjects that can be taught on a distance learning philosophy course

  • Aesthetics
  • Epistemology
  • Ethics
  • Free Will
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Knowledge and Belief
  • Knowledge and Reality
  • Logic
  • Metaphysics
  • Methodology
  • Personal Identity
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Philosophical Logic
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Political Philosophy
  • Reason and Argument
  • The History of Philosophy
  • Truth and Meaning
  • Western Philosophy

Students will learn how to

  • Critically reflect on important philosophical questions.
  • Structure arguments.
  • Think clearly about topics.
  • Approach problems logically.
  • Keep an open mind when thinking about issues.
  • Undertake original research in matters they are studying.
  • Understand complex theories, ideas and propositions.
  • Challenge and explore set assumptions.
  • Examine arguments and points of view for weak spots and errors

Students will learn about

  • The ancient philosophers and their teachings.

Philosophy is suitable for anyone who

  • Wants to learn about something that they enjoy.

Career prospects and roles for philosophy graduates
This subject is ideal to get you into many entry level positions, and is a superb preparation for employment in areas such as;

  • journalism
  • media
  • teaching and academia

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