Pharmacy Technicians are predicted to be in high demand as new medication is developed and the ageing population increases. Although their main role is to assist pharmacists in the provision of pharmaceutical services to patients, they are also required to communicate effectively with members of the public, physicians and other staff members. Apart from assisting pharmacists in the appropriate and effective dispensing of medications, PT’s are also involved in many routine clerical, technical and non-professional functions. Pharmacy Technicians must have superb visual acuity, knowledge of basic maths and should be physically strong enough to perform light lifting and be able to stand around for lengthy periods of time.

Questions to ask a Pharmacy Technician school in California

  • What is the total cost of the course?
  • How will the course help you to fulfil your career aspirations?
  • What are the admission requirements of your school?
  • When does the course start?

Questions you are likely to be asked at a Pharmacy Technician school interview

  • How would you react to a customer that is difficult and verbally aggressive?
  • Why should we accept you onto our course?
  • What qualities should a Pharmacy Technician have?
  • What subjects did you enjoy most at school?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 year’s time?
  • What do you think will be the greatest challenge in completing this course?

At a Pharmacy Technician school you will learn about;

  • Maintain medication distribution tools.
  • Setting up, filling, and maintaining pharmacy display cases.
  • Entering Physician orders and patient information into computers.
  • Keeping pharmacy equipment clean.
  • Check and record refrigerator temperatures.
  • Complying with strict rules and regulations.
  • Ensuring that medications are in date and secure.
  • Keeping accurate dispensing records for controlled substances.
  • Retrieving and filing pharmacy prescriptions.

Pharmacy Technician curriculums will cover topics such as;

  • Admixing medications
  • Controlled drugs
  • Counting tablets
  • Drug names
  • Full inventory and cycle counts
  • Labelling bottles
  • Patient assistance drugs
  • Protocol drugs
  • Quality control
  • Sales reporting

Reasons to enrol on this course

  • You will get to learn something new every day.
  • It’s a field that has excellent job security and very good pay.
  • Can be the first step towards becoming a certified pharmacist.
  • It is a job is that it doesn’t require a lot of training.

Facts about California

Population:            37,679,000

Capital:                  Sacramento

Largest City:          Los Angles

Size:                      158,706 square miles

GDP:                      1.813 trillion USD (2007)

  • More people live there than in any other US state.
  • Also known as The Golden State, The El Dorado State and The Grape State.
  • It is the third largest state in America.
  • Its official motto is Eureka! (I have found it).
  • Death Valley National Park (the hottest place in the United States) is located in California.

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