Pharmacy Technicians work within licensed pharmacies, and perform the technical, non-judgmental aspects of medication preparation, distribution, record keeping and inventory control.

These courses will introduce students to basic clinical pharmacy skills. Subjects are taught through assignments, practice activities, case studies and examinations at the end of the program. The knowledge and expertise you will gain through this course will be invaluable to your career. There are many entry level opportunities for graduates, and experienced Pharmacy Technicians can take on increased responsibilities which in turn can lead to more enhanced and specialist roles. Anyone who wants to be a Pharmacy Technician has to be a self-starter, who is able to work with little direct supervision, under the direction of a licensed pharmacist.

Questions to ask about a Pharmacy Technician course in Miami

  • What is the accreditation status of your school?
  • What is the average size of a class?
  • Do you have to take any admission tests?
  • What key subjects will be taught in the curriculum?
  • What is your admission process.

Questions you are likely to be asked at a Pharmacy Technician school interview

  • Why did you choose pharmacy technician as a career?
  • What do you consider to be your biggest fault?
  • Who had the greatest influences on you throughout your life?
  • What would you do if you were not accepted into our school?
  • What do you know about our course?
  • Describe your method of learning?

At a Pharmacy Technician school you will learn about;

  • The preparation, dispensing and delivery of medications for inpatients and outpatients.
  • Maintaining supplies of emergency medications.
  • Packaging and labelling medications.
  • Inputting prescription data into computers.
  • Calculating and preparing monthly sales, margin and volume recaps.
  • Making shelf tags.
  • Maintaining a medication inventory.
  • Replace expired medication.
  • Submitting patient charges and credits.
  • Operating dose calibrators.
  • Explain treatment procedures to patients.
  • Liaising with the pharmaceutical suppliers.
  • Operating a cash register.

Pharmacy Technician curriculums will cover topics such as;

  • Calculating correct dosage volumes
  • Clinical trials
  • Drug brands and their generic equivalents.
  • Inventory ordering
  • Pain control
  • Pharmaceutical calculations
  • Preparing labels
  • Medication dosage forms
  • Medicine management

Reasons to enrol on this course

  • You help people make the best use of their medications.
  • It can lead to an important and respected job.
  • Ideal for anyone who wants a job where they will interact with members of the public.
  • You get to work with people in need.

Facts about Miami

City Population:                           413,892 (2012)

Miami-Dade County population:  2.4 million people

Size:                                             55.27 square miles

  • Miami Beach is known as America’s Riviera and the Latin Hollywood.
  • Has more than 15 miles of beaches.
  • Boasts more than 800 parks.
  • The city is made up of 35 municipalities.

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