The study of political science encompasses many perspectives and topics, with the main focus being on the analysis of governments, public policies, political processes, systems, political behaviour and a host of other related fields. Students will explore the theory, history and system of local, national, and international politics, and will learn how government, citizens and society are connected and work together.

Undergraduates will study a wide range of topics, from how politics it is instrumental in shaping the society and country we live in, right through to how elected politicians make policy decisions, and how these policies are implemented. You will become more knowledgeable about the world around us, which can be an advantage in many careers. Apart from being ideal for students planning a career in politics or public service, having a background in politics is particularly useful for employment in foreign affairs, international organizations or agencies, international NGOs, and international trading companies.

The study of Political Science will increase your understanding of critical issues and important developments that affect the lives of everyone around you. You will be taught about the nature of power, causes of conflict, globalization, feminist analysis, ethnic conflict and democratization. This course will touch on some of the most important contemporary social and political issues facing the country, as well as government and public policy and the political behavior of individuals and groups.

Political science degree course overview

The course will give you a solid foundation in related topics, such as nationalism, human rights, the media, judicial systems, political change, and political elites. Other areas that the course will touch on include; psychology, economics, public policy, and foreign policy. You will explore how a country’s citizens have the ability to change and influence their political representatives and elected government, and how special interest groups, think tanks and research institutes can affect the political processes.

It is a stimulating course, that will challenge you mentally, and one where students are actively encouraged to participate in class discussions. On a course you will use both humanistic and scientific perspectives and tools and a variety of methodological approaches to examine the politics of other countries like the advanced democratic states, the member states of the European Union, developing nations, and the Arab states.

Typical course modules and areas of study on a political science degree 

  • Political Ideology
  • Political Philosophy
  • International Relations
  • Public Policy
  • Political Theory
  • Comparative Politics
  • Electoral Reform
  • Democracy
  • Political Economy
  • Civil Rights
  • Ancient Political Philosophers
  • World Politics

Students will learn about

  • Governments responsibilities
  • The allocation and transfer of power in decision making.
  • The arguments and processes through which decisions are made.
  • How political arrangements are established.
  • The role of pressure groups in shaping public policy.
  • The control of civil servants.
  • The rule of law among nations.
  • Foreign policy.
  • The politics of societies that are divided by ethnic, tribal or religious identities.
  • The style and structure of policy-making.
  • The organizational design of government.
  • Conservatives, Liberals and other schools of thought.

Students will learn how to

  • Become better members and effective leaders of the political community.
  • Preserve democratic accountability.


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