You should not simply view your CV as a document that just lists your previous employment. Instead it should be seen as something that will sell your skills and display your professionalism. You should view it as an opportunity to write an eye-catching account of your career history and skills.

In a job market that is becoming increasingly digital it is important to have a CV that contains keywords and phrases that are relevant to your profession. This is why it is crucial that you include those words that best reflect your skill sets and ambitions.

At we have many years of experience in writing eye catching CV’s that make the candidate stand out from the competition.


Our CV Writing Service for jobhunters
We will develop for you a curriculum vitae with the specific aim and goal of impressing a recruiter enough to invite you to a interview.

We will research your specific jobs market / industry sector thoroughly and develop and target your CV to the highest professional standards. Ensuring that it focuses on and demonstrates your skills and experiences that are relevant to the jobs you are applying for.


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Reasons why it’s vital that your CV is professionally written and laid out:

  • It is your first opportunity to make contact with a potential employer.
  • The recruiter will only have a few minutes to scan through your CV, so yours must STAND OUT and grab their attention.
  • Remember your CV is not there to get you a job, its there to get a INTERVIEW, so it must be developed as a marketing tool with that specific aim in mind.
  • A employer may receive up to 100 CV applications or even more for each vacancy they advertise. This is another reason it is essential that yours is written and designed to stand out from other jobseekers.



Our site was launched in 2004, provides FREE access to 100’s of excellent CV templates, and attracts on average over 50,000 unique visitors every day. We have considerable experience in assisting job seekers in writing a CV or resume that highlights their key skill sets in a targeted manner.

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