If you are interested in looking for work in the public sector in London, then this page will be a useful resource for you. We will give you basic corporate information and also contact details of major local government employers in the capital, as well as any public sector jobs London vacancies they have.

Basic facts about London
Not only is London the capital of England and Great Britain, but it also where parliament is and has the main offices and headquarters of most government departments, as well as big public sector institutions. All of the worlds leading multi national corporations have a big presence in London, many having their main headquarters there.

It’s a global city and the term Greater London refers to an area that has a population of over 7 million people, while the metropolitan area is estimated at 12 million. All of this making it is one of the biggest cities in the European Union. At its centre is an area known as the ‘square mile’ this refers to the City of London, many of the worlds leading financial companies have their headquarters based there. It is one of the worlds leading financial centres, along side with New York and Tokyo.

Due to its size, location and the amount of visitors it has it is vital to its status as a international city that London has a big first class public service. As you can imagine there are many job vacancies in the public sector in London.

Greater London Authority
Governing, administration the fire service and some aspects of strategic economic planning for London is the responsibility of the Greater London Authority and the London Assembly. The Mayor of London is head of the GLA, he or she is directly elected. The mayor and his assembly set the budgets for the departments they are in charge of, like health and also culture. The GLA is based at City Hall and was established in 2000, it took over from the Greater London Council . You should also note that there are 32 different London boroughs, these are separate from the GLA but they share power with them. Currently in total there are about 600 staff working in the GLA.

Contact details:

Greater London Authority
City Hall
The Queen’s Walk
More London
London SE1 2AA
Telephone: 020 7983 4000
Website: www.london.gov.uk

Transport for London
Tfl as it is known is responsible for managing the London buses, the underground and also transport system of the capital. They manage a diverse set of services that affect peoples lives from traffic lights, and regulating taxis to running the congestion charge.
Transport for London is run by the GLA and is the responsibility of the Mayor of London. The Oyster card system which is used by commuters to help pay their fares on buses or the underground trains is also operated by the TfL. As you can see from the list of departments that they cover there will be many different job vacancies and careers London within the TfL.

Contact details:

Transport for London
23rd Floor Empress State Building
Empress Approach
Telephone: 020 7222 5600
Website: www.tfl.gov.uk

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